Feb 4, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Present from Matty?

When I ordered the 2015 subscription, Mattel's former MOTU Brand Manager Scott Neitlich, promised me and all the people who subscribed BEFORE SDCC 2014 a present in the form of Stackable stands.

Timeo Matty et dona ferentes...
Getting these was a pain in the neck... They were MIA for a while (alongside Lizard Man) but the story is not as painful as the Battle Ram one.

So, let's see how they work. The stands kinda look like those tiered podiums in competitions. You use the same pegs as in the Castle Grayskull or Snake Mountain Stands that I do not own, so this is a new experience for me. You use the little peg placer/remover tool and put your pegs into the stand. Then you put the figure on the stand using the pegs to anchor the figure to its foot holes. The figure shall stand with no issues whatsoever... In theory.

In practice is a bit different. I used my Reissue Skeletor on the Dragon Blaster body, seeing as he has the loosest ankles in all the land. The figure fell down immediately. The stands do NOTHING to help figures with weak ankles... I know it's wrong to look at a gift-horse in the mouth, but I pity the fools who actually PAID for these pieces of crap that can't do what they were advertised to do! $15 + Shipping and handling for these useless bits of plastic is one hell of a rip-off! No wonder they were giving them away for free! A Piss stained rag full of crap of the entire staff of the Chinese factory who made these would have been a better present... (I should have written the review BEFORE watching an AVGN marathon... my bad) If you got them free with your 2015 sub, well, you should feel better than the poor souls who BOUGHT THEM!!

 Do yourself a favor and avoid these like the plague!!

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