Feb 4, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: He's a Lizard and a Man...

Lizardman has arrived.
I'm not a fan of the character. He shows up on Strongarm's episode... He also shows up on an episode where Orko runs away...(The rarest gift of all) There he's all brown and has glasses. He looks at Teela all like: "Hey! I was reading Fifty Shades of Grayskull! We should totally reenact the book!"

He has another Appearance, I think... That one almost everyone remembers... Song of Celice...
Where he tried to have sex with an unconcious Sorceress.

So, this guy is VERY Popular among Filmation fans. Unlike a Certain Bum who became Pharaoh and then a bum once again... then King Hsss gave him magic or something. Now to be fair, Lizard Man had a lot of potential to become a figure. It didn't happen in the 80s, but it happened now.

In the Neitlichverse, if you're somewhat reptilian, you are related to the Snakemen. So, basically, Orko killed Lizardman if he helped in the Ultimate Battleground. Our heroes! Committing Mass Genocide!

Let's crack him open and talk Lizard Man!!

NO AB CRUNCH stinks more than having to eat a Monkey turd sandwich au jus with a nice Skunk anal scent glands salad and a diarrhea shake... that is very poopy! Then we add no ankle rockers to the mix followed by a rigid static tail and we have a clusterbomb of ASS!! I'd drink a beer right now, but that would be a bit too obvious AVGN reference. For a guy who is supposed to be as athletic as Spider-Man, Lizard Man is way too static.

Paint and Sculpt:
I told you so!!
He reuses some Modulok parts... Seriously, his arms CAN pop off just like Modulok!! Not so sure about his legs and I won't try on him! His open palm hand can cop a feel perfectly. Put Lizard Man's open palm on any MOTUC Female boob... Perfect fit.
He looks alright... heh heh! I HATE that his Tunic is non-removable. On the other hand, the translucent hands for the webbed areas and painted fingers was a bit clever!

He has a Bone Sword similar to the one used by Skeletor in the Episode: The Dragon's Gift... The one with Granamyr... (Save mah daddeh!) The other Item is: The Diamond Ray of Disappearance!!(add echo effect for this), so as you can see, Lizardman has no weapons for himself. Everything else is Skeletor's... the Diamond Ray of Disappearance glows in the dark!!

Modulok is now 20% cooler!

Lizard Man gets an 2.83 as his final score. Why the low score? The Lack of accessories, 2 out of 2 are for Skeletor, so Lizard Man is empty handed. The limited Articulation for an Athletic character hurt him a lot. Not to mention that for a $28 + S&H figure he is simply a bit lacking... Insert the "You have been weighed, you have been measured" speech from A Knight's Tale! Now, to be fair, the odds were against him, because I'm not a fan of him. 20015 has started in a very underwhelming way. The only GOOD THING I can say about having Lizard Man in hand is: Bring on Ninjor and the 200X Snake Armor He-Man vs King Hsssss pack!

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