Feb 2, 2015

The Wild Force Red Ranger is now the Jailhouse Red Ranger.

Holy crap! The Wild Force Red Ranger was arrested for murdering his roommate with a sword!?

What in the holy hell is this!? Of course, I don't know all the details, but apparently, Ricardo Medina (Wildforce Red) was arguing with his roommate (the deceased) when he retreated to his room with his Girlfriend. That's when Sutton (the deceased) supposedly forced his way into Medina's room where he was stabbed with a sword by the Wildforce Red Ranger. Other news sources say that After stabbing the attacker, Medina called 911. He also talked with detectives before being arrested...

IF what the news are saying that Medina retreated to his room and the now deceased forced his way into Medina's room, I smell a self defense here... In any case it's weird reading a bit of news saying Power Ranger stabs man with sword.

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