Feb 3, 2015

MOTUC Scaled Snake Mountain the rant:Part 3 or four... I lost count!

Rumors about a Snake Mountain have begun to surface after the departure of Scott Neitlich. Whether they are true or false, is not the issue here. I've ranted before about Snake Mountain and this almost seems like a retread of the Bring on Snake Mountain rant.

As you can see here, the inside of Snake Mountain is really empty and pointless.
One wall is mostly blocked by the Microphone and battery pack. The other only has a trap door, the net and the hole. Not much to do there.
The little bridge in the front and the "Teela chains" are the things you had for fun on the front. Spinning Snake is not that great.

What I'm trying to get at is that simply doing a FAITHFUL REPRESENTATION OF THE VINTAGE PLAYSET IS TEH SUCK!

I know, Blasphemy and all that, but think about it. The vintage Snake Mountain is EVEN SMALLER than Castle Grayskull!!
Unlike Grayskull which opens up at a 90 degree, Snake Mountain opens up to roughly 135 degrees.
So, while a bit smaller than Grayskull, it's a bit wider. Now for the MOTUC Version, Grayskull got an extra chunk of plastic almost as big as another half wall with the Infamous Pie Piece.

Mattel/FourHorsemen could totally Update Snake Mountain if they figure out a way to give us BOTH the vintage look AND a Snake Mountain inspired by this:

I'm not asking them to do the exact Icon Heroes Statue, but using the Vintage Toy Snake Mountain as a Foundation and some extra plastic (like the "wasted plastic" on the Pie piece Extra flooring on CG) we could achieve a hybrid look for Snake Mountain.
Think about it. The 45% angle that is left between both halves of the mountain could be covered up by the Lava falls. That piece would also help acting as an extra support for the extra snake mountainy piece that could be added to the gate in order to give the mountain some extra height. The snake would have to be removed from the fintage spot, but added near the top of the mountain to complete the look. Think of it as a slightly more elaborated "Point Dread" for Snake Mountain.
Then we have all the plastic saved from not making the electronics and the space gained from that to add a few things to the already bare bones (pun not intended) Snake Mountain.
I'm not counting the bridge, net, ladder or, the shackles because those came WITH the Original Mountain.
-Skeletor's Throne, Filmation Look: It's the Iconic throne for the Overlord of Evil. Filmation, Styleguide have used the Bone Throne... Heck! Even New Adventures used a bastardized version of this throne on the first episode.

-Skeletor's Scrying Table: Another Filmation element, but again, a popular one. It goes well with the throne. It doesn't need to be AS BIG as shown on this screencap. (Scale varied a bit on the show)

-Random weapons:
Think about it, the Original Snake Mountain was devoid of anything. Here Mattel could reuse a buttload of pieces that they have, not to mention sneak in a few new items. (Hoping for Trap Jaw weapons and a piece that guns and melee weapons can be plugged to so non-TJ folks can use these. Yes, that's inspired by the Spy Monkey old stuff!)

I know it seems that I'm not offering much with Snake Mountain and keeping it bare bones. I withheld myself from adding The Void, a Dungeon or TK's lab, etc because of costs issues. The selling points for this Theoretical Snake Mountain are:

-It's Freaking Snake Mountain, which hasn't been made as a playset for nearly 32 years.
-The Extra pieces can deliver a more Cartoon Inspired Snake Mountain, instead of Bunch of demons and creatures with a medium sized snake on the Mountain.

While I personally root for a more Cartoon Accurate Snake Mountain, I am open to the possibility of seeing its vintage form in Classics... IF the rumors ARE true.

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