Feb 25, 2015

It Came from the toy chest: Wibbly wobbly Lamey wamey toys

Don't buy. Buy and you're dead. They are tempting. More temptier than you can believe. Don't pick them from their pegs. Don't put them in your cart. And don't buy. Good Luck!

If you've seen a certain show from across the pond...(get it?) then you have probably guessed the reference I made with the introduction... Along with the Title.
I got a pair of Doctor Who toys (on Clearance) when I was doing the research for my recent Action Figure Woes. I hadn't had time to review them and when I did, (last night) my files were corrupted and I lost the video review... I even appeared on camera doing an awful Doctor impression...
That is why there are stock photos of the MOC items.

I will not even bother with a standard photo review because these toys are crap!

I already had an issue with the Doctor not having the Sonic Screwdriver. That's like having a He-Man without a Power Sword, or a MASK driver without the Mask! Seeing as the Doctor is SMALLER than a GI Joe, losing the Sonic Screwdriver is a huge risk for loose collectors... The paintjob on these is sloppy especially on the humans. I skipped Amy Pond because all the Ponds had something horrible going on with their faces. I swear one of them had an eye on her forehead. It vaguely looks like Tennant, from some angles after squirting lemon juice in my eyes.
These figures have slightly below average articulation... for a collector line. They do have more PoA than some current kids' line.
The Doctor only has 12 PoA. Nothing below the knees.

Now I'll talk Dalek:
MEGA FRAGILE THIN PIECES. The eyestalk on mine broke and I lost a bit of range in the articulation while gluing it together.
For a cheap children's toy, the Dalek is serviceable. The Whisk arm and Plunger are on ball joints, while the Eyestalk can move up and down. (like a lever)

If I were to rate them:
The Doctor's scores would be:
2.5 in articulation
2.0 in paint and sculpt
2.0 in accessories
2.17 overall

The Dalek's scores would be:
5.0 in articulation
4.5 in paint and sculpt
0.0 in accessories.
3.17 overall

The Daleks seem to be the least crappy in articulation and sculpt... For a Dalek. They hit the right notes there. The lack of accessories is no big issue, since it's a Dalek. Having breakability issues makes me not able to recommend it.

Even at $6 these are not worth it. They are smaller than most figures, and larger than Hasbro's new crappy offerings. Not compatible with anything hurts display options and the poor QC makes them WORSE than a Happy Meal toy.

It's a shame. I wish we could get good Doctor Who toys aside the nifty role play items.

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