Feb 3, 2015

Wild Force Power Rangers' Ricardo Medina follow up

Charges seem to have been dropped... ASTERISK! The DA wants further investigation in this matter, but the Wild Force Red Ranger is likely to be released.

This was to be expected since the narrative surrounding his arrest was that he had an argument with the victim. He retreated to his room with his girlfriend, then the victim broke into Medina's room by force. Medina stabbed the victim with a sword. He then called 911 and spoke to the detectives to tell his story. IF this was the truth, then the Self Defense angle makes sense. Of course the DA would need to ask for further investigation. They cannot simply listen and believe Medina's girlfriend. She IS the girlfriend of the killer.

We have to remember that the victim was his Roommate and one could assume that they may have been in friendlier terms before the event where one was killed. The investigation should help prove whether Medina killed in self defense or if it was murder. If the investigation confirms the Self-Defense story, then good for him. If the investigation debunks the Self-Defense story, then he should face the consequences of his actions to the extent of the law.

If anything else pops up that is not Jason David Frank whining about how this issue is damaging the Power Rangers brand... (Seriously, a man died and all he can think about is how much will this damage Power Rangers...)

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