Feb 20, 2015

200X Sub is confirmed...

Old News is old... but Starting Monday, the Sub will be on Sale.
You must pay a $26 Fee to sign up for it. In exchange you'll get the 200X Head pack... Basically, you pay for the heads, when subbing. Same as past Club Eternias... and the Club Etheria mini sub.

Here's the rundown on the entire sub...
Yes, that's right! The one thing that couldn't be revealed on the Neitlich Era is now possible...
Holy crap!!

Here's the Rundown...

Callix in July
Evil Seed in August
Sub Exclusive Head Pack is sent in August with Evil Seed for subbers.
King Chooblah *(Kulatak Elder) in September... looks like I was wrong.
Ceratus in October
Queen Grayskull *(Veena: The First Sorceress) in November
Prahvus in December

You can go for Monthly, or for Quarterly. If you have a Club Eternia Sub in 2015 and want to save on shipping, remember to choose the same options as your Club Eternia subs so they can be combined in August.

As the Pharaoh known as Atemu would say in the Horrible dub by 4Kids: HUH!? WHAT'S THIS!?
The Head pack includes a Head for Clawful... We knew that. Snout Spout... 2 years after I got a third party head, but at least we have one with a non-rotten trunk... Roboto... (We should have gotten a full variant of him, not just a head) we knew this already. Sy-Klone... Looks like I'll have to repaint that head to match my figure... (will have to do some blending of multiple gold paints for him...) Buzz-Off... No mask... D'Oh! but we knew that... GRIZZLOR!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? WE ARE GETTING THE BADASS 200X GRIZZLOR HEAD? I hope this is not a mistake and we ARE getting that head, because I want, no I NEED! that head!

Yes, I'm doing the Crash Bandicoot victory dance as well!

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