Feb 10, 2015

Matty BS with SoKGS...

You know that King Grayskull: The Ecto Cooler Variant is $30... A Figure that is basically King Grayskull 1.0 (and non-removable armor), but with the Removable head of 2.0 casted in a Green GITD Plastic but only comes with a sword, shield and Axe. Not even a pair of Half Swords or the Orb from the Santa Variant...

Well, there is only one thing that comes to mind when describing this situation:

OK, that too, but what I mean is Spirit of Hordak. Zero new tooling, less accessories than the Normal Version of the character and it was overpriced. Well, Spirit of King Grayskull being at $30 makes him RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED!! My original plan was to get two and then get a He-Man head cast in GITD paint, but seems that it'll be cheaper for me to simply get a He-Man, Paint him in GITD Paint and add gloopy bits with hot glue or something to make a Slime Pit He-Man That way I skip King Overpriced. Seriously, even at the 2015 $26 for subbers and $28 day of sale, King Grayskull's Spirits would still be a bit TOO Expensive! I know I may get him on an other occasion... (and that would be THE ONE SoKG, because those two dollars are what put him over the threshold... At least Failmation Hordak had Imp as an incentive... and the cannon arm being interchangeable. Now that I know his green is Hard to match with other GITD stuff, his armor is non-removable, then I've zero need for a second one.)
He looks a bit cool, but I have bigger fish to fry this week. (especially those who live on THROUGH THIS ARM! If you know the reference, then you know who I'm hunting!!)

The so called culprit for the $30 price is supposedly the GITD Plastic... and that they ordered a lesser amount than normal.

That's what they're going with? Really? Once again, Mattel's shortsightedness astounds me.
They made less than normal amount of figures... Just like they did with Sea Hawk, Fang Man and Ninjor...

No one ever thought: Hey! Let's give them a Twofer! Let's have the KG with Removable cape and the new 200X He-Man head in GITD Plastic! That way they will buy TWO and have Spirit of KG AND Slime Pit He-Man! That way we can sell MORE OF THEM!!

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