Feb 16, 2015

What the Hell Hasbro!?

Pinkie Pie popping out of a cake? What in the name of Cthulhu are you thinking!?
image from Equestria Daily
Seems like Hasbro has a new MLP themed board game.
It's the Poppin' Pinkie Pie game.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a cartoon character aimed at little girls popping out of a cake like Erika Eleniak in a Steven Segal Movie...

This is a case of Toy company not thinking things through... or is it?

I am starting to think that Hasbro is doing this on purpose, because let's face it this Clop Material Pinkie is the perfect gift for a Brony whether their stance on clopping.

Then we have the target audience that is little girls who will not get the Pinkie being a stripper angle that this toy is (un)intentionally creating.
Now here comes the Problematic part.

Remember the dumb Florida Moron? Now, picture that fake outrage and add some Me-Soggy-Knees because it's a female pony jumping out of a cake and you have a perfect storm of First World Problems and manufactured rage. Think about it:
A toy designed for Little girls is making something sexist as a Stripper coming out of a cake to be fun! Wait! Did you say a toy for Little Girls is promoting Pornography!? BAN THE TOY! WE KNEW IT BROWNIES ARE PEDOPHILES! Before anyone can say Slippery slope, I say: Look at the past outrages on toys that have been "banned". They go for the kill before looking at the whole picture. In this case, it's hard to defend it.

The only positive outcome for the possible manufactured rage is that it'll sell like hot cakes. Quick money for HASBRO. Then people will flip it on eBay for an even quicker buck!
Remember the Mattel Nimbus 2000?

In any case Stripper Pie is not yet available...

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