Feb 11, 2015

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Flee to Marvel when you can!

Apparently, the Facebook Spidey is out!! YAY! I'm not a fan of Andrew Garfield as PETER, but his Spidey was OK. But that's not the real good news...
The good news is that the NEW NEW Spidey will debut in the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE!! Sony finally saw the light and decided to join forces with Marvel to bring back Marvel's Flagship character back home.

Rumors are saying that The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man would make his first appearance on Captain America: Civil War. There were a few rumors going around when this deal was a theory that Marvel was hoping to do an older Spider-Man that has been around the block a few times and not the Teenage Rookie route... Well I have the perfect Actor to do that:

Yes, I want Tobey back just for this.

All jokes aside, here's why I agree with a Seasoned Spidey. (Doesn't have to be Tobey Maguire. That was partially a set up for a Civil War/Satan's Alley joke)

As I was saying, Here's why a "Seasoned Spidey" works better:

-No need to drag on Origin stories. Just a 30-90 second Flashback with a mild narration by Peter when talking with whomever (Cap/Tony, whatever) Basically condensing whatever origin story they want.

-His Street Level Vigilantism has kept him in a lower profile, with The Bugle being the only Newspaper really covering Spidey (MENACE, blah blah blah!). He's done it for a few years. (Started at 17, but he's now in his 20s) This can allow Marvel/SONY to bring some low level villains into the fold. (Thinking of folks like Shocker, Rhino, etc.)

-They could say that Fury tried to recruit him once, but Spidey refused. Spidey didn't trust SHIELD (something, something, SHIELD covering up the truth abut his parents' deaths... Or that some of OSCORP's funding was from SHIELD and Richard Parker stumbled into that.)

-Where was Spidey during the NY Battle with the Chitauri?  While he was not SEEN during the events of The Avengers, the movie can say that he DID help with the rescuing of civilians and taking them away from the battle zone. He couldn't stay and help because some policemen tried to take him down. (Spidey is a menace JJJ influence) Something something Protecting MJ and Aunt May from Chitauri or something.

-Where was he during the events of A2:AoU? Something, something, Daily Bugle assignment or the plot of one of the Spidey movies got in the way.

-Showing the ropes to the Rookie is a bit condescending when we are talking about MARVEL'S FREAKING FLAGSHIP CHARACTER! I'd rather have the Loner learns the value of Teamwork thing than having the Rookie learn the ropes. It would also help to take a jab at DC with their BvS movie and eventual Justice League by having Spidey play "the Batman" but with a sense of humor.

One more thing: The MCU Spider-man NEEDS TO BE PETER PARKER!! Not Ben Reilly the Spider-Clone, Kaine, Miguel O'Hara, nor Miles Morales, the SJW approved replacement of Spidey. If Sony and Marvel want to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, then we need the REAL DEAL!

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