Feb 7, 2015

G.I. Joe may be working overtime fighting crime!

Some rumors have been circling around the Third GI Joe movie...
Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot from Extensive Enterprises might make an appearance.
Seriously all we need is Dreadnoks and Sgt. Slaughter to appear and we'd have all the Joes I'd need to see on the screen....

That is not all! Hasbro released a very special character in their 25th Anniversary line in 2008.
Yes, We're talking about Kenner's Mobile Armored Strike Kommand's Matt Trakker!

Holy CRAP! John M. Chu is out! Remember how he chickened out of MOTU to make a Bieber movie and a Jem movie that I am a bit afraid of watching... Now we have DJ Caruso, who has directed TWO Thank God for the Beef movies.(Disturbia and Eagle Eye)... But MASK!!!!

Hopefully this will lead to a MASK Spin-Off... Which, to be honest, MASK is the movie series that Michael Bay should have directed.

And... If a MASK movie ever materializes, I've got the PERFECT Scott Trakker!!

This could be the way for Hasbro to make an Expanded Toy Universe... TF4: 5 minutes of Dinobots, 7 minutes on how The grown up dude was not statutory raping Marky Mark's daughter explanation! has planted the seeds... Remember the whole Transformium thing... Rainbow Dash gun, anyone?

What's not stopping the MASK team using that tech on their vehicles... Something something Cobra supports VENOM as their research branch on Transformium stuff or something.

Seems they may be heading into that direction, or at least a MASK revival... Look at what the Trademark sleuths have found!
Hasbro is applying for new MASK related Trademarks...

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