Feb 24, 2015

Marvel seems to be going SJW for their Spidey Casting choice...

There's a rumor going on that the Spidey that will appear in the cinematic universe is not going to be white. I vaguely mentioned that Spidey needs to be the real deal and left it at that.

If the rumor is true then Marvel has lost it to the SJW crowd... the ones who don't read comics, but bitch and moan about Power Girl's Boob Window, or why there aren't any gay trans Filipino ice powered heroes who are also furries on their spare time... to name a VERY small niche group. (nothing against homosexual trans furry Filipinos) I'm OK with using established "Minority" characters... or if needed making a new one. What I LOATHE, HATE, DESPISE and not enjoy is taking a white character and changing his race or gender "just because"... or "Diversity!!"

If you google "Who is Spider-Man?" the definitive answer is Peter Parker. (Green Lantern always points to Hal Jordan, even though there have been many after Jordan and one before him.) the cinematic Spidey needs to be the Iconic Spidey... Even in the dead Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker was Spider-Man for 11 (real world) years... Until Marvel went SJW and killed Parker to replace him with a black latino kid. Axel Alonso can say that this is not a PC move, but it totally is. Many aren't buying this charade. (sadly there are a bunch of gullible fools who are buying it.)
In order for even Miles to exist, the world NEEDS a Peter Parker to exist.

People are not tired of Peter Parker... Those who say they are should not be believed. They are pushing the SJW agenda. Especially if they mention Donald Glover or any other actor who doesn't resemble Peter Parker. Now the thing People are tired of is RETELLING THE EFFING SPIDER-MAN ORIGIN ALL OVER AGAIN!!
IF I were to introduce Spidey into the Cinematic Universe, I would have done an adult Spidey... We don't need the High School Parker drama all over again. (I already mentioned this in a past rant.)
Now with a "Veteran" Spidey we HAVE enough reason to eventually add Miles Morales to the mix.

But going into the article itself, one tidbit made me laugh out loud...
“I really feel strongly. Sony has an opportunity to beat Marvel and DC to the punch with a major black comic book character. Like I mentioned last week, the emails that leaked were perceived as racist in some quarters. I really think that’s going to play into things.”

This is the train of thought that is hurting the comic book industry (and their film counterparts)
FOX already won that battle with the Horrible F4 Reboot. But even Before that DC had a Horrible movie with a Black Lead... Catwoman anyone? And while not exactly a major black character, Blade was the first good Comic Book based Movie that lead to where we are now. But that's not the real point I want to make. The idea that we're looking at a character's skin color instead of making a GREAT Super Hero Movie is what is worrisome.

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