Feb 13, 2015

It's not alright! The Lifetime (Television for womyn) version of SBTB

Based on the infamous book by notorious Stab Artist: Dustin "Screech Penknife Powers" Diamond, I got to see the Lifetime Original movie about Saved by the Bell.

Not even two minutes in and Fake Mark Paul Gosselaar pulls off a Zack Morris Time Out! Just to be stopped by The Stabinator himself! Or the kid playing the Screech! I have to say, that was a pretty clever move movie! Yup! this movie will try to paint our Bayside Dork who in reality was a bit of a Douche in a sympathetic light, while painting Mark-Paul as an evil douchebag.

32 minutes into the movie we're back to the beginning... This thing will not loop on itself... right?
Luckily it didn't loop on itself. It just kept painting the rest of the cast as villains and Screech as the victim... Until Screech says: NO MORE! He beats up a dude for calling him Screech! (Stabman begins)

It kept going on with the whole Poor Screech angle... and my verdict is It STINKS!!

The fact that Lifetime made a movie about a book ghostwritten by a guy who, according to Dustin Diamond himself, exaggerated and made up some stuff speaks leagues of how bad this is.

This was slightly better than The Room, then divide that amount by half and you get a better result.
Then the cast looked NOTHING like the characters they were playing...

I should have just Watched Friday the Thirteenth and done a review about that...

To wash off the horrible taste of bad SbtB from this stupid TV movie, have a bit of Jimmy Fallon!

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