Feb 25, 2015

Brandon Sopinsky of Mattel dropped us a bomb.

The new guy in charge of design, Brandon Sopinsky is the Matty go-to guy now doing the Matty videos. In his latest video, he dropped us a bomb...

If you watch the video you'll see Point Dread! Guess SOME of the rumors were true!
Check out THAT TEELA...
She has a nice badonkadonk... and that means only one thing: Teela + Nice badonkadonk = Filmation Teela!

Here's the thing: Seems that the new Point Dread is roughly one and a half figure tall...
Not quite as big as I wanted it to be, but I'm not sure how well it compares to the vintage one.

I KINDA Like it, but the rumored $150-$200 tag scares me a little bit... Mostly because I'm mostly indifferent to the vintage Point Dread... Now the only thing that is tempting me to buy it is DAT ASS!! Yeah, it sounds sexist as Hell, but I don't give a damn!!
You all know how I say that 9 out of 10 times I choose 200X designs over Vintage? This would be one of those 1 out of 10 times.
Dayum! Filmation Randor, Teela, MAA, Marlena, Adora, Orko, Cringer, Sorceress, Shadow Beasts, the entire MOTUC POP Roster... (and we have some people bitch about a few 200X items in the line.)

But yes, FILMATION TEELA... The One Teela I dreamed of getting as a child is now happening in Classics... IF RUMORS Are True. If they are true, then this Teela will be sold in Scalper prices on Mattycollector... but you get an additional Point Dread and possible Talon Fighter with her.

I don't want to guess the Secondary Market Price on Point Dread and Bootilicious Teela. Seriously, People have complained about paying $100+ for a Teela on eBay and Mattel gives us a Teela that we'll have to pay OVER $100 to get on Matty.

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