Sep 24, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Here comes a new Pornstache Challenger!

Now that Rio Blast is here, there's no need to riot, right?

I've done a bit of Ranting on Good Ol' Rio Blast before. So I may not need to rant about the NON-ETERNIAN Cowboy who is now stuck on Eternia. Finally he has graced One of the MOTUC Shelves here at the House of Rants. The question is how well does he fare against my scrutiny. Let's find out! Yes, I was so excited about him that I forgot to take a MOC pic of him.

Standard Articulation, minus the Shins, due to the Chaps. He has extra PoA on him due to his armor (leg flaps, chest flap, backpack.) Sadly his ankles are way too tight (can barely move them without being afraid of breaking them.) His heavy torso also does not help to pose him. He keeps falling, he keeps falling down, down...
Paint and Sculpt:
My Rio has no visible slop with the flap closed. When opened, the paint on the chest rubbed off on the flap forcing me to repaint the chest flap. The Sculpt is Amazing,  minus the Ruben Design ideas that screw Rio over. There's tons of details on him like Spurs on his boots
Rio doesn't have any accessories aside the guns that pop out of his body. then again, he cannot hold any other accessory due to the way his hands were sculpted. I'm glad that Mattel did not cut out any of his guns, but part of me wishes he had a Cowboy hat.

Rio Blast gets an overall score of 4.33!? If one ignores Ruben Martinez's screw ups. Seriously, all he needed was a little notch on the top of the hinge to hold the chest gun in place. Taking in consideration the Fat Vest, the Inability to pair up the Targeting visor with his eyes, the massive pegs on the thigh part of his chaps that could have used some sort of grooves to hold the guns in place without having those ginormous pegs that don't make the chaps look better when closed; his score would decrease to 3.33

Now for those of you who are brave enough to fix your figures through the art of Customizing, John Harmon of Mint Condition Customs has a tutorial on how to Fix Rio Blast!

Remember that these fixes are not what Mattel intended with the figure and if you break him, you're Out of Luck. So do so at your own risk! I did and a Sneeze almost ruined the chest.

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