Sep 17, 2014

Action figure woes: Quit raping the wallets, Matty!

November is coming... yay! Matty's release schedule was released! yay!
November 2014

Early Access 11/13
Thursday, 11/13 from 8 a.m. PT to Friday, 11/14 at 8 a.m. PT (subscribers only)
Products Available:MOTU Giant Stratos®, MOTUC Battle Ram™ with Man-At-Arms®

All Access 11/17
Monday, 11/17 at 9 a.m. PT (everyone)
MOTU Giant Stratos®* (Club MOTU™ Giants monthly figure)
MOTUC Arrow™ (Club Eternia® "variant" figure)
MOTUC Battle Ram™ with Man-At-Arms®*
MOTUC Gwildor™ (Club Eternia® "holiday" figure)
MOTUC New Adventures She-Ra® (Club Etheria™ monthly figure)
MOTUC Tung Lashor™ (Club Eternia® monthly figure)
*Subject to Early Access sellout.

Items in Red are Subscription items. Items in light blue are new out of sub items.

OK, excluding the $80 giant Stratos, here's a lowdown on the MOTUC products and cost.

Arrow: $35
NA she-Ra:$25
With shipping costs and any applicable costs I'm looking at $160 Approximately for a single sub and slow-ass shipping.

that's not counting the $110 Battle Ram that I will have to skip now, due to the wallet raping $160 surprise that is November... Not going to mention Black F to Cyber M sale, because that's another beast.

It's no Castle Grayskull, but COME ON MAN! One or two of those items could have been put in December to balance things out. If I were to buy everything (including the giant Stratos), I'd be a few dollars short of paying what it would cost me to buy a Castle Grayskull. Not everyone has the disposable funds to buy everything in one fell swoop. Holy crap! I just realized that some people have bought MULTIPLE SUBS... Now those folks wallets are weeping.

This brings me on an issue that explains why Club Eternia has had a bit of a harder time getting the number of subscribers needed. People with Limited Toy Budgets are being raped in the wallet on Q4. This is why some friends who collect MOTUC have downsized their collections. Instead of two subs for one MOC and one loose, they just buy the one sub and keep them MOC. Some people simply quit because of figures being too expensive and Q4's overload has put some of them in the proverbial doghouse.


  1. I have two Etheria subs, so I am totally dreading November with a passion. Like, I am justin shock that they think it is a good idea to release so much stuff all at once like that. September or August would have been perfect to spread some figures out on and they'd be just in time to enjoy before the holidays. It's just silly to me.

    1. They just need to spread out the items a bit better. November has TWO Large Scale items "forced" on subscribers. THAT makes no sense at all.