Sep 21, 2014

George R.R. Martin is having a fund-raiser

For a friend of his who is a politician... Normally this isn't some sort of news that I'd comment on, but it's a Party where one can win an invitation to meet and greet the Politician from New Mexico and George "I'm not looking for an excuse to NOT write the final two books of A Song of Ice and Fire" R.R. Martin.

Of course Georgie "If my ass is not in front of my typewriter AT MY HOME I can't Write!" R.R. Martin pokes fun at himself with the whole wariness about a party thrown by George "Even Weird Al Yankovic is making fun of how much I'm dragging my ass to write the final two books of ASoIaF" R.R. Martin. I think we're safe at a Political fundraiser... there are no politicians in Westeros... Just a bunch of people who want to cut their asses off on the Sword chair! I'd be more worried if George "I will kill your favorite character if you make one more 'hurry up and type' joke with my name" R.R. Martin! was invited to your wedding, or was involved with the planning of it.

BTW, George "My books have more food porn than weird incestuous or pederast sex or weiners" R.R. Martin, you killed my favorite character in Book One... no wonder he was played by Sean "I'm the Live Action Version of Kenny McCormick" Bean.

In any case, I'll repeat the message that many people are thinking whenever some news about you shows up.

Dear George R.R. Martin:

Stop whatever it is you're doing and FINISH THE GOD DAMNED BOOKS WHILE YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!! 

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