Sep 11, 2014

Videogame media and the crime of being male.

Nowadays it seems that any videogame related article that pops on the internet is related to any of the following themes:

-Offensive portrayals of women in gaming
-How male gamers are supporting misogyny
-Games that gamers should be ashamed of owning.
-Male Privilege in gaming.
-Videogames are no longer for gamers.
-How women are oppressed by gamers.

It pisses me off. The amount of bull and white knight circle-jerking that goes around with these people is incredible!

They claim, gaming is a male dominated space and that it needs to change... Um, Ever since the early 80s with the coming of Pac Man, gaming was opening up for females. It's not the gamers' fault that most females SHUNNED gaming... Even the cool dudes shunned gamers, making gaming the last refuge for the geeks, dweebs, dorks, nerds and other social outcasts. Gaming communities tend to be friendly (aside in-game trash talk) welcoming pretty much everyone. Now that it has gone mainstream, we have the dudebros taking their real world douchebaggery into the virtual worlds, and the Social Justice Warriors pretending to "change the world" one BS campaign at a time.

Yes, there are A-holes who play games and they'll act like A-holes. That does not mean that gamers hate women. The same way there are gamers who are female and can kick your ass with Dan frigging Hibiki on SFIV (worse when it's on alpha, where Dan royally sucked ass) as there are "gamer gurlz" who love covering their boobs with SNES Cartridges to show how much they love gaming.
The worst kind of fakers are the Social Justice Warriors.  They do not give a damn about the issue at hand. In this case Videogames and they want to "change" the medium to fit their views of "Ju$tice" (which means get as much money as possible for talking out of their asses... Hey! I should get in on that Social Justice crap!)

Can you see the issue here? These Newcomers want an industry that has found their market for over 30 years (which is basically a young industry) to bend over to cater to their whims. The very same group that claims X isn't happening, in games, but when games that DO have X in them come out; they just don't buy them because they don't really care about gaming. When gaming stops being popular enough, they'll simply move on to the next big thing. Anyone remembers the "crusades"
against Rock & Roll, Television, Tabletop RPGS, Comic Books? This is exactly the same thing... Heck! Didn't we have one of these crusades against gaming less than twenty years ago with Jack Thompson and Hillary Clinton?

Instead of, trying to make a game that can be appealing to them, especially now that the indie scene is so full of people willing to experiment to make non-games as games, like the turdtacular Gone Home or the complete non-game Depression Quest... (Whose creator exploited the death of Robin Williams to promote her non-game,) I don't see the need for these folks to whine and complain about gaming not catering to them.

Nooooo. that would be too hard! It's easier to demand "change" and further shame the gaming community, who again, have been the butt of many jokes and insults. Including being mocked by Popular Culture itself.

So, now these people come in, insult gaming's consumers and somehow get the media involved in insulting the gamers a bit more is OUTRAGEOUS!

Gamers are now getting crap for being born with a penis. As if being a make is now a crime. Gaming has enough space for the games like Call of Duty, GTA, Halo, Metal Gear, etc AND space for "Social Justice friendly games". There is no need to further ostracize those who have been shunned by mainstream media. It's sad and pathetic that so many mainstream gaming sites are bending over to the Social Justice Warriors. Gaming sites should be about gaming, not political correctness (or a warped version of it to get money)

Why should I feel guilty of Playing King of Fighters as Mai Shiranui?
Why should I feel enraged that I can kill people in Grand Theft Auto?
Why must I be ashamed for enjoying Devil May Cry, Dead or Alive, or Double Dragon?

Not all games need to be politically correct, the same way not all books, nor tv shows HAVE to.
I know some people will say that "she is not trying to take those games away from you." or some other crap. What she and other SJWs are doing is promoting censorship.
"but-" Shut the @#% Up! The way they are promoting censorship is using their articles and videos as "educational material" in order to "guilt trip" the game developers into castrating their works for the sake of Political correctness... In other words, they want the developers to self-censor themselves by using their morality as compass. They won't openly cry for censorship, BECAUSE of the failure of Jack Thompson's anti-violence crusade; but the way they manage their blogs, forums and YT comments sections, it's obvious that Censorship makes them feel tingly down there.

That is my issue. SOME games can be a perfect educational tool. Some games can be entertaining without being violent, and some games can pour oceans of virtual blood at me. I can enjoy them all... Assuming they are ENJOYABLE.

 Now my issue with the gaming media is that they take  what the social justice warriors say without looking at the other side of the story, or even fact-checking them. Professional Journalists HAVE to seek out the truth, which they are not doing right now.

Disagreeing with the shady tactics of Social Justice Warriors does not equal misogyny. Being a male gamer does not mean I'm a misogynist.

Cold Update Number Thursday: Won't be able to go see Miley Cyrus tonight... She's doing a concert here in PR and I'm still sick. Feeling a smidge better.

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