Sep 4, 2014

Odds and Ends... 2014/09/04

So, I've been a Ubisoft hater for many years... Aside the First Prince Of Persia (The sands of Time series) my experience with Ubisoft games has been rather bad. Well... I FINALLY bothered to play the Ass. Creed Games... Number II in Particular. I should thank the Hoop-Earring-Wearing-Misandrist for that. I've only played about one hour and I have some issues. Clipping Problems were the biggest offender. Having to reset Multiple times because Ezio got stuck on a wall, or Between Two walls... Which royally sucks when doing timed events like deliveries, or races. Then it hit me...
The Ubisoft Logo looks like water being flushed down the toilet! Now, I'm going to take a page out of James Rolfe's AVGN: You know what gets flushed down toilets, Turds and Ubisoft produces some of the biggest turds in videogame history, especially on PC! DRM to help players, my ass! Not to mention how its name sounds like some toilet paper crap!
So, aside the glitches, Assassin's Creed II who has ASS twice on it's name!! seems like a decent game. I won't fully review it until I beat the game. IF I feel like reviewing it... But seriously, that Ubi Logo totally looks like a toilet flushing. I kinda wish I could flush down the Rabbids.

Going on a different tangent... Still keeping it on games. I've noticed a lack in J-RPGs lately... I still need to play FFXIII... I will, someday... but. I kinda miss the J-RPG craze from the 90s. Final Fantasies IV-VIII, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, and that's just on the Squaresoft side... I miss those 60+ Hour grindfests... (Still haven't beaten FFVII on PC) but I just seem to lack the focus. Also, I don't seem cut out to current Era FPS games... I've played  Battlefield, Call of Duty, Recently, I committed the Ultimate sin and Played Halo (didn't impress me). FPS games just don't cut it for me.

Now going back to Assassin's Creed Is it me or have there been too many Ass. Creed Cameos on other games. Soul Calibur V has Ezio Auditore, while MGS IV has the Assassin Vest and Peace Walker has the Assassin's Creed Hay Bale as a Cardboard box. Funny thing is that one of the earliest missions that I got in the game is beating up unfaithful males AS REQUESTS by the scorned women... We have WOMEN PAYING an ASSASSIN to make their Cheating male partners PAY for their actions. Why don't people hear about that>

The hunt for a PS3 Man vs Wild has been fruitless, and you know what that means... The online options I've seen have Puerto Rico as an undeliverable place... Not being able to play as Bear Grylls kinda sucks, even if it's supposedly a crappy game. I endured Hannah, I can Endure Bear...

Speaking of Hannah/Miley, she was banned from performing in the Dominican Republic, but she is coming here Next Week. Tickets are redonkulously expensive for the So far away that not even with the Hubble, I'd be able to see her. Besides, I would have been more interested if this had been a Hannah Montana Concert.

Joan Rivers has passed away, which means that Spaceballs lost another main cast Member... Wait, is Mel Brooks still alive? Yes, he still is. In any case my condolences to her family... She will be making fun of the way people dress in the afterlife.

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