Sep 7, 2014

About 2016 and MOTU... no longer MOTUC

2015 barely made it according to Mattel. I'm not going to question if the numbers are real, fake, etc. That's not today's rant... Today's rant is looking towards 2016.
With Vintage Masters of the Universe gone and Princess of Power too, all we have left is New Adventures, Mini Comics, Other media folks, Concepts and revisions to past characters with defects and too core to have a toyline without them.

Let's start with a Reminder: 2015 BARELY SQUEAKED BY... (according to Mattel) So, a possible price increase, C to Z listers in the roster won't make this line super Appealing to the general public. An even smaller production run may mean more expensive figures and eliminating some customers with figures going beyond their threshold. The only real solution for Mattel to keep pumping out MOTU stuff compatible with Classics is Downsizing.

2016 won't be able to survive with 12 figures, Sub Exclusive, 4 Extra items, Chase Figure, SDCC Item, Holiday Item, and Traveling Con item.

What I propose is: a smaller, more Manageable Subscription.

4 Quarterly Two Packs, 1 Sub Exclusive Single figure, 1 SDCC Item (two-three pack), 1 Holiday Item no larger than a steed. (could be another two pack)

This is an example of a hypothetical year, not necessarily what I'D like to see:

Dakon and Garn pack: (Mini Comic Heroes) there are rumors that Lodar may come in 2015 (yes!!)
So, this two pack is to more or less complete the sets. Garn to go with Lodar and Dakon to go with Geldor. Both of them require very little new tooling.

Melaktha vs Masque "House of Shokoti pack"
I've already discussed this pack idea before. Yes, I WILL keep pushing for Melaktha in MOTUC.
It's another Low new Tooling pack, but trust me... It'll be worth it.

Songster and Scrollos: Storytellers pack
Another character that I have touched as a necessity is Songster. He is being paired with Scrollos
Who is basically MOTU's UATU...

This set requires a bit more new Tooling, but it's not BREAK THE BANK type of new Tooling.

Having another nod to the UK comics is cool and Mr. Power Tour is icing on the cake.

Galactic Protectors set with Kayo and Vizar:
This would help the Galactic Protectors have only one guy missing from wave 2 (just like the Mutants) I've touched what could help to make these guys before.
and I'm willing to compromise and reuse NA Skeletor's forearms and Horde Prime Hands for Kayo.

Now, all we have left is SDCC Item, Sub Exclusive and Holiday Item

200X  inspired He-Man vs Skeletor pack
Releasing the Main 2 is a nice way to keep them refreshed.
We have most of the pieces to make 200X He-Man and we'd only need a right forearm (perhaps using the NA Sword Aloft hand) and a Harness.
Skeletor is a new head, forearms and Loincloth (we can reuse the He-Ro Greaves and Demo's feet)
Very Little New Tooling. Mayhaps tossing an Odiphus reusing the Kowl buck with new head and arms. (worst Case scenario, just a new head)

Sub Exclusive:
Crita or Despara (Depending on who does make it to 2015 if any of them)
They have moderate reuse of parts, but they are appealing enough for the sub exclusive slot.

Holiday Item:
Stridor/NightStalker or Mantisaur:
Any of these three would make vintage fans happy. This is why I was trying to keep Reuse at Maximum on the figures.

I tried to keep the sets somewhat themed and their use is to somehow complete factions.

Crita closes the Core NA Mutants. Kayo and Vizar even up the odds for the GP and wave 2 of NA

NA She-Ra goes with HP so that balances things once more.

Garn and Dakon round up the casts from their comics.

Same with Melaktha and Masque with their filmation episode.

The only one closest to a frivolous want is Songster and Scrollos, but they are "keeping the lore alive".

Personally, I don't have that much faith in 2016, but downsizing may be the only way for it to happen and not dying during "sub period".

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