Sep 13, 2014

Shapeways MOTUC stuff: the rant.

I've mentioned a couple of times that the fans will do what Mattel won't.
Today I'll list the MOTUC third party items that spark my interest and why.

I will post links to the shops, you'll have to search for the items there. Some items may not be for sale. Not everyone who makes MOTUC Accessories is in this list, because I don't know about ALL the people who makes them.

I will exclude the Horde Leader Sword designed by Chris Sunday and yours truly, made by Evil Mike for obvious reasons.

From Evil Mike:

-Horde Crossbows (Cat and Force Captain)

-Hand sets: I like Japanese action figures because of the multiple hands and faces to have much more expressive toys, These hand sets help MOTUC figures. (both male and female.)

-Multiple versions of the Power Sword and Sword of Protection. NA? Mike's got you covered! Filmation? Yup! Alcalá inspired sword of protection? Even that! Mini Comic Powersowrd with vintage Toy hand guard? He has it!

-Sea Hawk Kits: One comes with his Non-Anchors Aloft blade (turned off and turned on.) and the sheath that hangs by his thigh. The other Kit comes with the Blade given to him by The Falcon (The one the official release came with) I think he has a kit with both blades.

From Der Waffen Meister:

-Iron Fists: Basically Fisto's Giant Fist WITH ARTICULATED FINGERS!!! Picture Fisto flipping the bird... thank Der Waffen Meister for that. (Some assembly is required)

-DC Power Sword: as much as I've not been a fan of DC's redesigns, the sword looks cool. You have the Smaller version (closer to MOTUC Power sword Scale) and the larger version, still on MOTUC Scale but bigger.

-Amulet Clip: It's for Count Marzo If you want to have the Amulet to be worn by Marzo on his neck, then here's the solution.

-Trap Jaw's Piledriver: One of Filmation's many Trap Jaw Attachments, but this one has an action feature (some assembly and a spring from a ballpoint pen is required)

From He-Bro:

-Trap Jaw's Accessory set: It has the Energy Bow, Fly Swatter, Rocket Attachment, Grabber and my favorite, the Dropper. (String not included)

-Horn of Evil: One of many Filmation artifacts that Mattel should have included in the line. He-Bro's got you covered.

-Castle Grayskull Hole cover: Many people have done some sort of cover, but He-Bro's cellar door looks pretty awesome.

-Pookie: I vaguely remember it from Filmation, but it's a cool addition to the line, especially for Filmation fans... I don't think Mattel will do Pookie, so He-Bro's got you covered.

From DJ Force:

-200X Axe and Shield: Since we're kinda getting a 200X He-Man in Classics with the Snake Armor He-Man, we NEED a Classicized Axe and Shield. DJ Force has you covered.

-Double Bladed Spear: Since Illumina ain't happening, DJ force has her Spear available for that Illumina Custom Figure, or any PoP Lady who lacks an offensive weapon.

-Sun Temple Perch: If you somehow ended up with A Nepthu (my condolences) and your Zoar is perchless, DJ force has a Perch for Zoar that includes a plastic chain to clip on the leg based on the Perch from Nepthu's episode.

-the Savage Weapons: These weapons are based on the items from the Triangular Rack on the Vintage Castle Grayskull. (These were drawings on a piece of cardboard in the original toy) Since they were not made for Classics, DJ force took it upon himself to make them.

-Trap Jaw's 200X Arm kit: It makes the vintage Looking Mechanical arm on Trap Jaw look more 200X.

From Freeman's Mind toys:

-Castle Grayskull Sewer Cover: It's unique because unlike most of the hole covers, this one is raised from the floor.

-Imp Toilet: Well, the whole Impgate stinks of crap, what better way to celebrate it than with an Imp toilet.

-Tentacle Grayskull hole cover: I hope that you've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

-Chinmoku ninjato: A weapon for Ninjor, being more accurate than the Katana he is getting.

While 3D Printing is not perfect, it at least allows for a decent solution to some of your Action Figure needs.

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