Sep 16, 2014

Star Child: The rant

Now it's time for another I want to see X in MOTUC!! This time I'm tackling Star Child...
This is the most off the wall request I've made to join the ranks of MOTUC... She's Filmation and has ONE MORE APPEARANCE than Nepthu... (I need to Let it go)
As you can see she is not that big, which sadly means 100% new tooling and that makes the bean counters cry. Then again, she is also not a fighter at all. She just makes people glow if she loves them or something. I honestly can't remember since it's been a while since I saw a Filmation episode with her.

At least she is not one of the Christmas Special kids... Lucky for you there are no links to the horrible Christmas song.

So, yes, I want Star Child in MOTUC. No real reason. I just think she is memorable enough and she could be used as a way to move the story forward. Something something, Part of the Star Seed made flesh... Something something near unlimited power within a naive child. Something Something the UNO wants her to return to the Eternia Dimension. I know she has no chance in Hell of happening, but in a weird way it would be cool. (Then again, I did love the idea of having a Marvel Legends Franklin Richards...) There you go, Star Child could be the Franklin Richards of MOTU. Boom!

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