Sep 3, 2014

Imaginext and MOTU... stop beating around the bush!

There have been a few Imaginext items with nods to my favorite Toyline from my Childhood, Masters of the Universe for those of you who stumbled here for the first time.
Here's a few that I've seen...  Just look at the pic... Seriously, it's a bit too much of a coincidence that some MOTU Items have made it to Imaginext...

So, as the title of the rant says: Mattel needs to stop beating around the bush and make a MOTU Imaginext subline. The Mythology already exists. Some of the Imaginext figures vehicles and playsets have a MOTU vibe to them. What better way to introduce MOTU to a future generation, than getting them while they're young!? I mean, that's how they got ME involved with this toyline about 30 years ago.

Unlike the Batman imaginext line, He-Man is a Mattel line, so no licensing fees or anything.

Personally, I find an Imaginext MOTU line a better novelty item for collectors than Skelebaby or Giant Sized That Looks Worse than a Bootleg made by a drunken sculptor MOTU figures that Mattel is trying to sell. Have you seen their Giant He-Man? That thing is so ugly and so not-he-man like that it made me forget the insult I was going to use.
 Just look at the picture and see what I mean.
The Giant is not even an accurate reproduction of the 80s toy but Mattel wants me to spend $98 with shipping (approximately) for a Giant inaccurate version of He-Man?
I think that an Imaginext MOTU set would have been even better than the minis. Come on, the Dragon Walker has Imaginext Toy written all over it!

They could have like, say: Release a He-Man vs Skeletor pack. Then a Tri-Klops and a Roton colors Alpha Blade, then Man-at-Arms in the Battle Ram leading up to the Retail Imaginext line with Castle Grayskull and redecos of the Matty releases. Or even simpler, Skip the Matty stuff and go straight to retail with Imaginext. Right now the original "Children of MOTU" are having Children of their own.
Personally, I find the idea to introduce "my childhood" to "my kid" an amazing idea.

Then again, this is the same company that can't figure out how to make a Barbiecollector series of Barbie as She-Ra... The boys toys part says: talk to Barbiecollector. The Barbiecollector part says: talk to boys toys. I'm like: For eff's sake! Barbie is Mattel, She-Ra is Mattel! What the Hell are you making me go around all this when I'm not even a Mattel Employee!?

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