Sep 9, 2014

Il Credo dell'assassino Due: la critica

Non voglio fare questa ricensione in Italiano, perché ho dimenticato alcune cose... Come si dice: I'm a bit rusty in my Italian and the joke will become annoying soon enough.

Being sick has opened up a gaming window and between binge watching Boy Meets World, I've also played Ass. Creed II.

The game is good. I had tons of fun doing parkour in Renaissance era Italy and stabbing SOLDIERS with the hidden blade. While you CAN stab civilians, the game warns you about not doing that. Do it enough times and it's "Game over" or DESYNCHRONIZATION in this game's case. Especially when attacking women. That's something that Ms. Plaid Shirt and Jumbo Hoop Earrings wearing Con Artist disguised as a Feminist won't tell you. Her analysis of Ass. Creed 2 is completely flawed, which I confirmed by PLAYING THE FREAKING GAME!!! But, I digress.

Unlike Toys, Videogames are reviewed on a Scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is crap and 10 is good.

The graphics are pretty good. I'm not too fond of the face models of many characters because they looked a bit off.
The backgrounds is where the game shines. The Renaissance Era Italy was captured pretty well.

Sounds and Music:
I didn't notice most of the music in the game, to be honest. Sure, I do remember the melody when reaching a View Point You'll hear it AT LEAST 66 times. The little music I noticed felt like it belonged.

After checking out the IMDB because I heard a voice... that sounded very Cam Clarke-ish and I needed to make sure. Yes, it was him! The humongous amount of great VAs in the game is noticeable and I didn't have issues with the voices. Well, aside a long set up for a little nod to Videogames' greatest character.

You're an assassin, so you kill... You also do parkour. You're on a Parkour/Action adventure game from Ubisoft, so you also do puzzles. It's kind of an Open World game, so you're stuck with escort missions, tailing someone without spooking them missions, silly checkpoint race missions, random Item collecting (feathers, Codex Pages, Statues, Assassin seals, etc.) SOME of them can be annoying.

I have not played Ass. Creed 1, but I knew about the whole Abstergo memory diving thing and looking for something  that was connected to an ancient assassin known as Altaïr. In Ass. Creed 2 same thing but with a different Assassin, Ezio Auditore. This time it's the 21st Century Assassins who are using Desmond to search for answers. So, I'll be honest. I do not give a rat's ass about Desmond's story. When I bought the game (A, to piss off She who musn't be named, because buying these games is the opposite of what she wants. B, because I had heard great things about the series. C, It was dirt cheap.) Ezio's story, on the other hand is the far more interesting.

They are mostly hit, but sometimes you move so fast that you can overshoot your jumps or runs (especially on races, or chasing someone across rooftops.)

Fun Factor:
The game is fun, but some glitches can make it somewhat annoying at times. Getting stuck on walls while doing timed puzzles for an Assassin Seal IS FREAKING frustrating.

Assassin's Creed II gets an overall score of 7.83 which is a nice score. To be honest, I won't bother with other Assassin's Creed games.

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