Sep 15, 2014

Listen and Believe

Does the title of my rant sound a bit creepy, in a Robe wearing, Kool-aid drinking kind of way?

Well, my favorite Social Ju$tice Warrior is using that as her new slogan.

I mentioned on my lazy, from the hip, quick critical analysis of her recent video that she received death threats. I'm not questioning whether they are real or not. What I'm questioning is that her behavior has been rather curious. On situations like this, the Authorities normally tell the person to not engage with the stalker, but she obviously got enough time to tweet about how she was harassed and left her house, posting a screencap of the tweets, asking for donations, posting how the police did not take her seriously, and something about reporting an account that sent her child pornography and retweeting a screencap of her report and leaving the twitter handle of the account with child pornography.

So, some people, have questioned the veracity of her story; to which she has taken the stance of: "If you don't believe me, you're sexist and a misogynist." and something about BLINDLY believing women when they say they're being harassed.

Here's the thing: It's not right to take any sides until you hear both sides of the story. OK, let's take the whole #gamergate issue as an example. So, this female developer was accused of having sex with five guys while she had a boyfriend. Among the guys were her boss and a gaming journalist. Instead of pointing out at the issues with conflict of interest the media focused on #gamergate being an alleged plan to slander women and promote misogyny. Their main source: The woman who allegedly slept with the five guys, among other things.

Now here's the thing:
About who she slept with, or how many guys were involved:

The real issue is how the "gaming media" has declared her a victim and has taken everything she says as truth, WITHOUT QUESTIONING. Journalists are no longer looking for truth, but for more hits to their site. Every story has two sides, where's the info from the other side?

Same thing is happening with my dear Giant Hoop earring, plaid shirt wearing, tons of make up wearing Social Ju$tice Warrior. The "Gaming Media" is not questioning her at all. Hell, they've gone full "White Knight" mode by attacking the Patreon of two guys making a documentary about her saga. They haven't made the documentary yet, and they're getting tons of hate...
OK, so one of them looks like the weird Metalhead that sat in the back of the classroom on that 101 class... You know the one with the fabulous hair... The other looks like the spawn of Satan and an Used Car Salesman. But it's OK to make fun of them because they're men, and they can take it. Just don't do it to a woman, because misogyny... or was it Patriarchy?

If she often says: 
We must remember that it is both possible (and even necessary) to simultaneously enjoy media while also being critical of its more problematic or pernicious aspects.

Why she and her followers are trying to shut down ANY Criticism towards her?

Why is the gaming media so hellbent in insulting them and trying to shut down their Patreon for daring to question She who shall not be named?

Why not let the project speak for itself? This systemic onslaught of attacks towards them seems a bit too convenient. Not to mention how it mirrors the crap SHE got when she was doing her kickstarter.

Don't Listen and Believe. Question everyone and everything. Look for facts that in the end will either  corroborate or disprove what is being said. Believing blindly in strangers is not a smart thing to do. Especially those who want your money.

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