Sep 24, 2014

It Came from the Toy Chest: Rapunzel loves GOOOOOOOLD!

Talking about Entrapta here. The Tricky Golden Beauty from Princess of Power and Completer of the "Girl Toys Horde" is finally here.

What can I say about her. She's basically the Second True Evil Horde Member in the POP Line. Remember that Double Trouble was a good gal pretending to be bad. Also Castaspella sometimes hung out with Catra for some reason.

So, Entrapta has golden body parts that make the other PoP gals attracted to her gold. and then they are captured by her hair. It makes the PoP gals seem super shallow. At least Filmation made her into a Horde gearhead, which is a bit peculiar.

So, that's a small intro for the character, now let's see how she scores... uh huh huh, scores! Unlike Rio, I was able to calm myself long enough to take a pic of her MOC.

I must warn people. Check your Entraptas. Their left hand seems to be squashed in the package. Like Octavia before her, she has the weird left hand that looks a bit too thin.

So, the hand can be fixed by heating it up, opening it a little bit and letting it cool. Preferably with an accessory on it.

Now let's tackle her:

She has the Standard MOTUC Articulation. Like most Female Figures, she lacks the boot cut. What she loses in her legs she gains in her hair.
Her hair has a ball joint on each braid and the tips have a cut joint. One complaint I have about her hair is that it's TOO HEAVY! It scares me because the ball join that holds her head is a bit too small. Back of the shelf for her to avoid suicide drops that could decapitate Entrapta.

Paint and Sculpt:
Unlike Most PoP Figures, Entrapta has a MOSTLY Toy Deco. Vest and hair seem closer to Filmation. Shame that the Bio Team didn't fix the bio since her chest is now Purple gold!
The Sculpt is pretty clever. It's more Toy based and Toy Entrapta was a Castaspella Redeco.
 Here's me chanting for a Toy Deco Castaspella to be turned into Allepsatsac.

 Entrapta comes with a Purple Shield that is better suited for MAI WAIFU!! Then the other accessory is the Shaping staff... Which is a MEH Accessory. A slightly stylized Female Gender Symbol or Venus Symbol... (Mercury Symbol is a horny Venus, heh heh!) To be honest, the Shaping staff does nothing to me. Why, oh why didn't they go for the perfect accessory for her. COMB WEAPONS!!

I got two Axes now Entrapta Dual Wields deadly combs!
Sadly, the Axes are not her accessories...

Entrapta gets a 3.83, which is not bad.
Yes, I'm a bit worried about her head and hand. Other than that, she kicks so much ass, it ain't funny!

Vintage MOTU factions can eat it! PoP was the first line to complete an entire faction!
Many thanks to my buddy Ruben, no not THAT Ruben for the Extra Catra!

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