Sep 25, 2014

Ooh! Snap! Hasbro has attacked Mattel's wallet big time!

Looks like we may hear more crap about Mattel being in the poorhouse pretty soon. Hasbro was able to obtain the rights to make dolls based on the Disney Princesses. I guess Mattel will have to...
Let it go!

Starting on 2016, the Hassenfeld Brothers Company will be making Disney Princesses dolls. This will take a huge chunk of change out of Mattel, since their biggest sellers are dolls Barbie (who has been having slower sales recently), Monster High, Ever After High and the Disney Princess dolls (especially Frozen), WWE and Hot Wheels.

While this won't have an effect on MOTUC (since the deal with Hasbro starts in 2016) it kinda reminds me of the whole Marvel Legends issue. If Mattel plays it like an a-hole, then they are likely to clog the shelves with Frozen and Disney Princess stuff so Hasbro has a hard time selling their 2016 stuff when Stores are clogged with Mattel 2015 Disney Princess stuff. The place where it could have an indirect effect is in other girl toy lines. Like the one I love a lot... It has Magic Friendships and lots of plot! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

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