Sep 10, 2014

I'm not too sure of an ALL FEMALE Ghostbusters team for GB3.

There have been rumors floating about making GB3 with an all female cast... My thoughts about this can be explained with one picture:
Before any Social Justice Warriors begin to call me sexist, hear me out. I am NOT opposed to having female Ghostbusters; I'm just opposed at the idea of making them ALL Female "just because".
There is no real compelling reason to make the entire team female, aside "Social justice".

Then again... I can see the positives of an all female cast...

I mean there is no way that Sliming a a female can be interpreted as some sort of Rape symbolism or something...

Nope, not at all...

OK, all snark aside, I think that an All Female Cast "just because" will suck ass. I mean, the only canonical reason to have an all female cast would involve an older Venkman keeping the Ghostbusting biz alive and only hiring an all female cast because he is Dr. Venkman...

Like Venkman's NOT going to tap the new busters... because Busting makes him feel good! Hey, I could have used a Neutrino Wand joke here... This would be like Charlie's Angels
but with Ghosts! Or a porn parody... Ghost Bust Hers!

To make matters worse, Bill Murray offers his ideal all female cast.  Notice something Peculiar?
ALL OF THEM ARE WHITE!! I mean, the Male Busters at least had a minority character in Winston. (Not going to mention how racist it is that the Black Guy is the Everyman who needs everything explained to him, because he doesn't have a Ph.D or something)

Melissa McCarthy... aw hell no! Her whole shtick can be summarized as "I'm fat and I'm raunchy!"  and she's not really THAT funny... She's slightly funnier than FRED.

Kristen Wiig, so far seems the better choice for a Buster. I'm not so sure about Linda Cardellini (and this has nothing to do with her playing Velma Dinkley or being a wedge between Cory and Topanga) nor Emma Stone (not making dead Gwen jokes). They feel a bit too young for the roles.

The whole Female Cast "because reasons" seems to fall into the Girl Power Cliché. Fighting Clichés with more of them is a bit ass backwards.

Now having a Female (or two) joining the ranks seems a bit better.

Not going to mention the whole imagery of the guys holding their "neutrino wands" while the female uses her "Ghost trap" to finish the job. Dammit! I'm starting to sound like you know who!!

But I digress, the issue here is that they're talking about making the cast women BEFORE working on the story, which reeks of "political correctness" and "social justice" crap! It's just following some trend instead of evolving the brand organically.

Now I'm gonna eat some chicken soup and go to bed, stupid cold!

Update: This may be a reboot instead of a threequel...

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