Sep 19, 2014

Girl Meets World does the "Time Warp" Episode.

Directed by the actor who played Cory Matthew's True Love on Boy Meets World... No, not Topanga. I'm talking about the Other Ball and Chain: Shawn! Yes, Rider Strong directed this Episode of Boy Meets World: the Next Generation.

My thoughts. I want Rider Strong IN FRONT of the Camera, not behind it!! Cory and Shawn are like Batman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo.

The Episode was OK... I mean this is not unexpected, since Boy Meets World has done a few "Time Warp" Episodes... (No Guts, No CoryAs Time Goes By, and I Was A Teenage Spy come to mind.)
It wasn't a bad episode, but for me, it was too soon to do a "Time Warp" Episode on Girl Meets World. This is mostly because the cast is TOO YOUNG LOOKING to be the characters from the Flashback.
He kinda looks like a crossdressing Arya Stark.

Then again, there were too many coincidences in the plot. The idea that Riley's, Maya's, Lucas' and Farkle's Great grandparents met each other in New York is a bit TOO Ridiculous. Cory and Topanga's families have been established to be from Philadelphia. Same can be said about Farkle's family (Stuart Minkus was from Philly as well). I also think that Rowan Blanchard should have worn a wig with a lighter hair color, to help ID her as Topanga's Grandmother. I thought that she was Playing Cory's Grandmother at first.

I have to say that this has been the weakest Girl Meets World Episode, mostly due to the script and a few nitpicks on the costume department.

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