Sep 18, 2014

Is it time for a Wun-Dar variant?

I briefly touched upon the idea of a Wun-Dar Variant on an Action Figure Woes. Y'know the one talking about Rarity being good or bad... It was accompanied by a pic of Worst Pony's butt... because, you know, I must shove a reference to MLP whenever I can since they're my Replacement for Hannah Montana... Be thankful I don't bring back the Twerkey...

Back on Topic: Wun-Dar, the Wonderbread He-Man of Legend. Is it time to do a variant of him?
Before the Rare Hunters begin bitching about Variants... (I talked about this in the other rant and added a Yu-Gi-Oh! Rare Hunter pic there.) This variant is meant to preserve the value of the Original Wun-Dar and help make Wun-Dar something more than Brunette He-Man wearing Zodac's Armor in Black. Instead of an oddity, to flesh him out as a character. The Classics Canon missed an opportunity here when they gave Wun-Dar the story of the Alcala Mini Comics He-Man now called Oo-Larr (who is totally NOT a misswriting of Mo-Larr as a Trademark.) A Wun-Dar variant could be very helpful.

It gives a chance to those who joined late in the line to have A VERSION of said character, while preserving the value of the Original Version.

It gives a chance for the Bio Writing Team to flesh out this character and make him less of a rip-off.

It also gives Mattel a Chance to make one of the Infamous 200X Variants WITHOUT Actually making a Stupid 200X Variant He-Man figure.

Personally, i'm inclined for a Bastardized version of Jungle Attack He-Man, but with Wun-Dar.

Bodywise it's the Normal He-Man buck with Bow's forearms and hands. Oo-Larr Loincloth, just to keep it more savage. Personally, I would go Barefoot with him. Reusing the Oo-Larr feet and Demo-Man Shins. I would also love new Forearms to use the Bow hands that looked Savage or Primitive. I mentioned the Biow forearms, because PARTS REUSE!!

I would also have the body with the Jungle Tats like the 200X He-Man and use red yellow and blue on his face paint. Second head WITHOUT Facepaint to use on Normal Wun-Dar... (Both heads should not look like a Repainted He-Man head. Personally I'm more inclined to a Head Similar to Vykron's with the Alcalá He-Man hair in brown.)

For the Accessories:
New Primitive looking Sling with Maybe Two Stone Knives from Mossman. Needs new sling needs a Quiver for Wun-Dar's arrows (and to hold two knives.)
New Primitive Bow and Arrows (Usage of Bow's hands made obvious)
New Machete and "Giant Throwing Star". (Star can plug unto or clip-on the sword as a nod to the horrible 200X weapon. Also doubles as a nod to Krull's Glaive)
Reuse the Loaf from past Wun-Dar... because Wun-Dar.

This is what I meant by "bastardizing" the Jungle Attack He-Man figure. It's not a faithful take on JA He-Man like Snake Armor He-Man is in Classics. It's more like Wun-Dar making that variant his own.

For the Bio, the Team can Elaborate on him up to the point where the Wun-Dar with the Cosmic Armor Bio takes on.

I know this will not happen, but it would be a nice way to make room for Wun-Dar as a more Fleshed Out Character. Jungle He-Man simply felt like the best 200X Variant to flesh him out. Not to mention that the weapons he has make sense. The Bow and Arrow give Wun-Dar the Long Range Training that can justify the usage of the Cosmic Gun. The Machete justifies the Usage of the Black Sword of Power. The Weird "Throwing Star" and knives are for his Savage Fighting Skills.


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