Aug 6, 2015

Tankt4stic is being slammed by critics...

News about it being bad was a surprise to pretty much no one aside the poor souls that worked on it! (except Miles Teller, he has a dickish vibe on him... then again, all I've seen is the Divergent and Insurgent movies with him in them)

What did they get wrong? Apparently everything.
The reshoots eliminated Blogger Doom, but were unable of saving this movie...

Supposedly, the 4 who journey into accidental powers do not involve Sue... It was Ben, Reed, Johnny and DOOM!!!

Also, Doom gets powers from the trip! Dangflabbit! 3 freaking movies and they still get Doom Wrong!
Doom's will and mind are his source of Power. He created the badass armor to go toe to toe with the 4. He has knowledge in arcane arts that not even Reed can Comprehend. Doom creating his armor and Doombots is something that needed to be done.

Freaking Dark tone! The 4 need some levity to balance the heavy stuff they deal with. That's what the previous 2 movies got right... ESPECIALLY the Ben-Johnny Dynamic.

Just watch the Roger Corman unreleased movie instead. Don't let Fox get away with this license retaining piece of crap... Now that I think about it ALL the F4 Movies have been ashcan movies...l

Now Trank is trying to save himself from the turd he started... Trying to put the blame on the reshoots that tried to salvage his turd into something watchable... Good thing he's off the Star Wars project...


  1. I've heard that the new Fantastic Four is good news for Marvel fans! Good news because it hopefully means Fox will eventually relinquish the property and either let it revert back to Marvel Studios or deal with them more.

    Some friends want me to go see this tomorrow, but I'm pretty ambivalent towards it. We'll see.

    1. That's the only positive thing about this Tanktastic movie!