Aug 2, 2015

Power-con comes to the Rescue!!

That's right! They are allowing those of us who cannot drop everything to go to a small con in California to GET The 3 Figures... Here's how to get tickets to Power-Con if you want to go!

But I want to touch specifically the Non-Attendee stuff:
Can’t attend the show but still want to obtain these exclusives?

Fans who are unable to attend the show may purchase a special non-attendee merchandise access pass which will allow the holder to purchase up to one of each exclusive at the prices listed above PLUS shipping and handling which will be flat rates for domestic and international fans. Please note that we can’t control the price of shipping, especially the high cost of international shipping. Specific pricing on the exclusives with the shipping/handling included will be provided on August 15.
As a non-attendee merchandise access pass holder, you will also receive a physical merchandise access pass badge as a souvenir with your figures for supporting the convention, as well as a copy of the convention’s program and all ticket pre-order incentive items. Non-attendees will not be eligible for Power-Con t-shirt pre-orders.
 Non-attendee merchandise access pass: $25

 So, on August 15, 2015 you need to go to the Power-Con site. Buy the Special Shlamalamadingdong You shall not pass pass! in order to get a chance to order up to one of each of the 3 items. But wait there's more:

We anticipate the exclusives to sell out during the ticket pre-order period so please plan accordingly!

You may not even GET the figures... If they sell out while one is ordering the You are not going pass, will they refund the person?
BTW here's what they will cost:

Camo Khan and Red Beastman will be $45 + S&H
Greenamyr will be $100 + S&H

So, basic math time. I only TRULY WANT Kobra Khan... $25 + $45 + X= $70+X!? for a Repainted Kobra Khan!? It becomes $115+X in order to get Both Standard Figures... Granamyr makes it over $215+X!?

Sure, they are cheaper than buying from resellers, but Sacre bleu! The prices are insane! Especially since this con has been MIA for some time and ouch! That's a $19 over the Standard price for Subscribers... Not to mention the Extra $25 dollars or the unspecified shipping costs... which I'm guessing will put a normal figure in the $80 range for me.

I still think that these shouldn't have been done this way seeing how Robot Chicken funded Mo-Larr, he was on Matty. Stan Lee's Comikaze funded Standor and he was on Matty...

In any case good luck to those who want them and can bite the bullet. I shall take comfort in knowing that I will never own a Mattel-made Kobra Khan Camuflado.

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