Aug 24, 2015

Filmation Sub-Line fears... made another round of Mattel Q&As available a while back...

This Question and Answer scare me:
MegaGearMax made the question below:

5. MegaGearMax: Does a Filmation-accurate figure candidate have to have a prior figure release in Classics? I ask because every character revealed thus far for the 2016 line has an alternate counterpart in Classics. Or is this merely a coincidence?
To which Mattel Replied:

No that is not a requirement. One of the reasons that the Filmation line is happening is to not only deliver cartoon accurate versions of the MOTU characters from that series, but it is also a way for potential new He-Man and MOTU fans to get some of the core characters that might be impossible to get now in MOTUC.
All of you are aware of my Dislike towards the Filmation Sub-Line's lack of sculpt details on Fur and Hair. Having NON-VARIANTS in this Sub-Line would be detrimental to MOTUC collectors. Not ALL HM&MOTU Figures can blend in with MOTUC... Case in point Beastman.

Now, I COULD BE MISINTERPRETING this, but this may open up that sub-line to new characters pulled out of the Collector's Line into the blander underdetailed line. That Scares me. Characters like Kittrina will miss out on detailing that they'd need to blend into classics. (mostly fur and hair), Marzo, who'd lose detail on his hair. Hawke whose feathers would look like lame lollipops. Garn would become a mostly new tooled figure... stripped of details...

On the other hand, this could be a godsend... Characters who are not exactly mega popular in the grand scheme of things, but core for the cartoon (which would be impossible to get in MOTUC because they don't exist)... COULD bypass the CC line and jump ahead in the Filmation Sub-Line...
This would include Melaktha, who I've campaigned for him to get made. It could also include The Spirit of Evil... BLEGH! Crackers the Clown, DOUBLE BLEGH!! The Christmas Special Kids!!

Hopefully I'm misinterpreting it and the Filmation Sub-Line is only for variants... I mean is not like Neitlich is still stirring the pot...

I'm gonna have a Field Day with this bit alone:
7: I never intended for Spector to be an important character. He was always a background character meant to bridge different eras (which was a direct request from management for all the 2012 new figs). My only regret was calling him "heroic master of time travel" using the standard MOTU tag line convention (everyone being a "master" of something). A much better tag line might have been "heroic time traveling spy". I tried to address this in the next mini comic to make it very clear how background Spector was intended to be. He was not the new He-Man or star of the line! But I am glad to have a figure of him!
But not Tonight... I've some important business... Piece back My Childhood, because it was DESTROYED!!

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