Aug 30, 2015

The Filmation Subline is a waste of effort.

I have already explained my disdain towards the underdetailed look of the sub-line and how it fails as a new line and as a 2.0 refresher for Classics.
There is a different aspect that I didn't put too much thought into. Longevity.

The line is purely variants...  Waves 1, 2, 3, and parts of 4... (Without entering into the She-Ra toon.)
Sorceress and Randor were added to the line BECAUSE of the Cartoon. We wouldn't get all the figures from those waves because of variants not being part of Filmation.

He-Man (coming)
Skeletor (coming)
Beastman (coming)

Evil Lyn (coming)
Ram Man
Trap Jaw (coming)

Clawful (coming)
Kobra Khan



31 figures total. 25 Missing. That's not counting She-Ra figures or MOTU Figures that appeared on She-Ra. it's not a viable line in the long run. if they're going with the 7 figures a year approach they have roughly 4 years. that is adding one more "chase slot" to round up the figures to 8. Or 3 years if we up the slots to 13 after the first year. That's not counting variants of cartoon characters like Marlena, Evil Seed, Marzo, etc.
You can surely pad out the line, but here's the big question: How many people will ride this sub-line to the point that they make Icer, Fang Man, Nepthu or Plundor on this less detailed style? Not only that but there are some fools, yes, I'm calling them fools, because I'm trying to be nice; who claim they want ALL THE CHARACTERS that showed up on Filmation to be made on the Filmation sub-line. That Cool Fang Man that we got in Classics? Remove the rivets on his bracers, ax the detail on his belt, shirt and arms! They are hipster crap added by the 4H... Even Metallic accents are too much for some of these people. Wanting a Dylamug that can stand on its own while keeping most of his Filmation shape is bad, because Details are evil. Trying to make a Dylamug stand on his own with 100% Cel Accurate look will be nearly impossible.

Even ML MODOK had to get a stand.
Those Spindly legs Holding a somewhat heavy Torso. Not to mention that he's going to end up somewhat rounder in shape in order for the spinning dials to work for his face... (His name is DIAL A MUG)

Making the Transition from 2D to 3D requires some changes if we'd like to have a (dis)playable Dylamug.
Going "100% Cel accurate" (which none of the Filmation Sub-Line figures are)

This Dylamug would require some sort of Clear Stand (as seen with Orko, Gorpo or the Hoverbots) Otherwise he'd be like Marvel Legends MODOK without the Exhaust fumes stand.

The Clear stand makes it inaccurate to the source Material.

Keeping the same shape of the legs and making them slightly thicker in order to sustain the weight of the figure is not a horrible thing. The Horsemen adding a bit of detailing to the panels on him, like rivets to where they should be... or even *gasp!* the REAL HORDE EMBLEM!!
So if we add ALL THOSE EXTRA CHARACTERS to be redone, the list grows exponentially.
While the line can support the few A-List folks (basically waves 1-2 with a few wave 3-4 stragglers) can it support all of them? These figures will be great for casuals who'd like He-Man, Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Teela, MAA and Beastman tops. Many of these folks will not stick for Spikor, Hose Nose, etc.

Now, what could they have done instead?
How about an all encompassing sub-line that does homages to the incarnations of MOTU Characters in other media. I'd call it: Masters of the Universe: Legacy
It would take the looks of the characters from other media, Cartoon, Comics, Movie, Videogames, etc. and put them on the same scale (and detail) as Classics. It's not confined to a single media and it allows for a wider pool of characters to be used. It would have allowed Mattel to have their 2.0 cake and to eat it a s a new line. (Different card art as well... Original Red and Blue Starry Explosion) not to mention that they could pull off some "Fixes" through this theoretical line. Like Say New Adventures Skeletor with a sculpted Torso, but with the two cartoon-inspired head (white eyes and red eyes) switch heads with the normal MOTUC version for a more Toy NA Skeletor. Boom! Or have a 200X Faker and a Newspaper King Hiss!

Some people are underestimating the lack of compatibility with Classics as a factor against the Filmation line... This October they might get an unpleasant surprise... The Filmation sub-line: as a Limited Sub-Line it could work, but in the long run, it will fail. Casuals will never pick up the slack during sub drives. If the Hardcore base is divided, the line will fail in the end.


  1. i can't wait for this line to fail. there may be some people who are itching to buy their failmation favorites at a cheaper price than the classics on ebay go for, but that's not enough to sell a sub. and casuals who saw the car commercial will only buy the main 2. even though i consider myself a completist (yes, i'm going to power-scam) i'm not buying any of these, i don't even see them as good for customizing. the longevity is not a concern, the nostalgia window does not last very long, so 3 or 4 years is about right. now that they are doing separate mini-subs, & pre-orders (power-scam) they should just offer more mini-subs, NA, mini-comics, etc. but they don't seem to take into account how old we are.

    1. That's my big issue. There is a real possibility that this sub-line can fail, but some of these fools think that it will pass no matter what.
      They forget that Mattel is throwing more stuff at us. Thundercats and a very expensive Snake Mountain.

    2. you are right, i forgot about that. there's only so much money to spend. that sub is not going to go through. a couple of new-comers & failmation lovers won't be enough for a sub.