Jul 1, 2017

Matt C. Kayser hits it out of the park AGAIN!!

If that name sounds familiar to you, then you have been reading the amazing fan novels from the Masters of the Universe: The Bloodline Trilogy.

I have commented on parts one and two in the past... Well, I just finished part 3 and...
Wow. 400+ pages of a more Mature take on MOTU that brought chills down my spine in a good way.
The Third and Final Chapter of the Trilogy takes an alternative look at the Powers of Grayskull WITHOUT the limitations of a mini comic.

As before, Matt took bits and ends from past continuities, even the Official Mattel Canon, (which, we all know I have a few issues with it...) and put it in a blender. You following me? Then that blender was put in AWESOMESAUCE MODE and prepared a delicious fresh new take to the Powers of Grayskull... *Mild Spoiler* Matt made DARE freaking awesome in his own way WITHOUT Diminishing the importance of the Twins of Power, which is a well known gripe of mine within the Official Mattel Canon. It's not an easy task to take from so many continuities (in some cases the continuities conflict with each other) and have the end result be a treat!

It's a refreshing feeling to be able to read a MOTU tale that feels mature, but without recurring to gratuitous gore, sex, profanity to make it more "Mature'. I still stand with what I said back in 2014

This piece of Fan fiction feels more in tune to MOTU than Mattel's own current canon for MOTU. 
 I really mean it. And I still believe that Mattel should venture into allowing up and coming authors to tell tales from their vast universe. Not only for MOTU, but for other of their own brands, like say Max Steel. While the Max Steel novels could be geared towards older children or younger teen (like say, the Harry Potter target audience back then) MOTU can be geared for Adults who grew up with He-Man in the 80s or in 2002... 8 year olds back then would be in their 20s now. They CAN take a more mature MOTU as an audience... This is how you keep the brand relevant. You make the occasional cartoon for the kids, maybe an animated movie or 2 along the lines of DC's direct to video movies, which are a bit more mature than their Cartoon Network shows. Then you release a novel every 2-5 years with stories about He-Man. You could do like full novels or an anthology of short stories chronicling the adventures of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Now bringing it back to Matt's Story. While He-Man IS GENERALLY the Protagonist of MOTU, this Trilogy was more a story about Keldor/Skeletor. The true Protagonist here, IMO was Keldor/Skeletor. Looking at the bigger picture, this story made me root for Skeletor in an unironic way... That different perspective, paired with a deeper look to certain characters: Keldor/Skeletor, Despara/Adora, D'Vann Grayskull made this MOTU story feel fresh. Making the Overlord of Evil be sympathetic enough that makes me forget my dislike for the "Keldor's Redemption" angle.

P.S.: Oh Hi, Matt!


  1. Wow, thanks :-)

    I'm glad you liked it!

    PS: Hi!

    1. Well, you did a great work, which made it easier to like!

  2. These novels were so awesome, they should become the scripts of any He-Man movies to be made. I also agree with the idea that Mattel should create fan fiction novels, in the same way the Star Wars Universe grew mostly from it's fiction novels. Matt definitely outdid himself, and schooled Mattels own writers. Congrats Matt

    1. I would love it if Mattel did something... ANYTHING with the property to keep it alive.