Jul 10, 2017

Super7's official update on the Ultimates.

Super7 is a wee bit late with the MOTUC Ultimates. Many have brought their pitchforks and torches and are about to riot... To the point that they're wanting THAT doof in charge instead of Flynn. I understand why people must be pissed off. We PAID for them in November and all that...

Here's the e-mail that Super7 sent today:
Attention MOTU Friends and Fans!
At long last, the Masters of the Universe Ultimates figures are nearing the end of their journey into your hands!

The figures have made the long ocean trek to the Port of Oakland, where they are currently waiting to clear customs inspection. This process will take 3-10 days depending on the level of customs inspection they get assigned, and following that, they will go to our shipping facility to be sent, at last, to you.
To be fair, there was a strike going on, in addition of the 4th of July week being, well last week. And this e-mail should've come out Last Week, specifically on July 3rd, just to give us a heads up on the delays.

We expect to begin shipping orders to you beginning on July 20th (or earlier!), and for the shipping process to take several days to get the large volume of orders out to everybody. Shipping confirmations, including tracking numbers, will be sent out for each order as they are shipped.
It's a guesstimate date. I hope they ship sooner rather than later. People will bitch and moan about it being 20 days late, that's inevitable. "It" happens. Hopefully S7 will learn from this.
I'm supposed to get mine 3 days after shipping, so I can't wait to get them. I'll say 4-5 days just in case.

We cannot overstate how greatly we appreciate your patience as we built up our infrastructure and process around taking over the MOTU Classics line! Thank you again so very much for hanging in there. We are very pleased with and excited about these figures and can't wait to get them into your hands.
While *I* have been patient and more lenient than I was with Mattel, I cannot say the same thing about other fans. I've seen the memes, the comments and they are far, far worse than when I made fun of  Superkami toyguru.

We have also received some questions about the blister packaging for the Ultimates. Our original intent was to package the figures in a resealable clamshell blister. In the production of the figures, the original model for the resealable blister failed the packaging drop test in safety testing, and the factory was not willing to proceed without modification. At that point, creating new molds for a revised resealable package would have added 4-5 weeks to the production schedule, and we were already rushing to get these figures into your hands. So we made the choice to instead use a vintage MOTU inspired, heat-sealed blister package so we could avoid any further delays.

Sadly, I must side with the complainers on this issue. This is something that should've been told to us in an official manner ASAP in order to avoid issues. The promotion for these toys talked about resealable packaging. While I am an opener, I am a bit disappointed that the option is not there, but others who REALLY wanted it are WAY more disappointed now. I think they would've preferred a delay in order to get the packaging right. (There would've been complaints, but delays are easier to deal with than whatever can of worms this issue may open.)

Again, we want to thank you all once more for your support and patience, and assure you that your figures will be in your hands in the coming weeks. We love them and hope you do too!
Thank you again.
 You're welcome, now send my toys ASAP!! ;)

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