Jul 18, 2017

Odds and ends July 18, 2017

I wasn't going to keep on going with the whole 13th Incarnation of the Doctor... I believe it's a mistake doing it now, because it's blatantly obvious that this is Pandering to the SocJus crowd. Had this been done when 10 turned into 11, it would've made more sense, from a storytelling point. Also, doing it back then would have beaten the Tumblr campaigns.

"The Master did it" defense doesn't work either, BECAUSE The Master has also been Eric Roberts (as in Julia's Brother) and a Space Worm... Well, there's the precedent for the Murican Doctor and the Space Worm Doctor... Hell, if he can change age and gender, why not having a Female Teen as The Doctor... Like a Girl Version of Wesley Crusher!! Then we make her African Latin American cause SocJus points! This sounds ridiculous, well, a certain perennially offended feminist pop culture critic, who is known to be a bully pretending to be a victim... Yes, good ol' 'Nita! She hates the Female Doctor because she is HWITE...

It’s not as if you fix the “woman” problem, THEN the “race” problem, THEN the “queer/trans” problem, etc. It all has to happen in tandem.
I kinda have an issue with this tweet. The Doctor Married River Song... The Doctor is now a woman married to River Song... No longer a hetero couple. The Doctor was a man and is now a woman... Queer/Trans kinda checked? Since the Doctor is no longer male, then he's a woman... a trans woman and not hetero... that's 2 out of 3 sister... Also, Bill was black, woman, and gay, so Yahtzee?

But seriously, when even St. 'Nita of Sarkenjosh is against FemWho, the BBC dun goofed!

Now to wash off the bad flavor off, here's the trailer for The Disaster Artist!

If this is the story on how we got THIS:

I so want to see the movie NOW MORE THAN EVER... We all know how I feel about The Room. I kinda wish Wiseau would let the Cast of The Disaster Artist to remake The Room.

Transformers is getting a new series... and it features an odd voice cast.
We got Optimus Prime as Optimus Prime... and yes, I mean Peter Cullen...
Judd Nelson is Hot Rod once again... That insufferable friend of 'Nita, Hwil Hweaton is Perceptor, Worf is Fortress Maximus, THE Power Ranger is in this as well... The weirdest part of the voice cast is:

Freaking Dachie... Also this will be in the craptacular go90 service... but seriously, DashieGames?

I'm not gonna touch the stupid comment by John Boyega about Game of Thrones... Seriously, what's next not enough black people in Japanese works? I could've sworn I've seen black people in Game of Thrones... Also how many black people are in Star Wars?
Mace Windu, Lando Calrissian, Willrow Hood (Ice Cream Machine guy), Finn and that's it... Maz Kanata, while played by a black woman, it's a yellow alien, the Twilek Dancer, while played by a black woman, is a green alien... We all know Darth Vader is whiter than Powder, but he was voiced by James Earl Jones. So out of 7 Black Actors, only 4 are ACTUAL BLACK CHARACTERS... Why isn't he bitching about Star Wars? Hmmm?

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