Jul 20, 2017

Now let's take an in-depth analysis at the Super7 MOTUC scale wave 2

Due to insomnia, I wasn't too in depth in the commenting on the Figures revealed with Super7 and now I'll dive a bit more deeper into them.

Wrap Trap:
The Horde Mummy from the Tom Arts Action Figure Digest. I think that's a 100% new tooled figure with only the interior parts being shared. Looks brand new Top to bottom and has potential for parts reuse for Possessed Skeletor from Super7's Three Terrors. That Loincloth can lend itself to be reused on Snakemen as well.

Karg completes The 1987 Movie Posse. He is in a Comic inspired colors, hence the black and blues, but all that delicious detail screams Movie to me... And that's all I need. He seems to be the one character with most reused parts, namely Thighs, Biceps and Right Hand. Everything else seems new, including the boots.

I already mentioned that he looks too Filmationy. The Energy Blast mentioned by Pixel Dan in the video is Dylamug's...
I'm hoping that the MOTU Masters of casting or 3D Printing can make a swappable horde insignia more in line with Classics for him. Mine will receive a silver and gunmetal drybrush to make it more Classics like. Hopefully the wiring sculpted on him will be soft plastic, because I'm afraid of it breaking like in the prototype if he falls. I wonder if his face will rotate on a dial, or if it will be interchangeable plates. or if he even has an action feature at all.

Granita: (Will be updated when pics of her are revealed)
Well, it's the final Comet Warrior. Right now the question is WILL SHE BE ABLE TO BEND OVER AND TURN INTO A ROCK? This completes a sub-faction of MOTU... No Meaty Orbs for Joe...

Now for the Filmation Folks:

Tung:I COULD keep him on a Filmation Display with the others, but since there is no Real Filmation POP, he will jump ship like Chokey the Artichoke, butler to the 200X Asparagus Carnage Evil Seed. This Tung will be an attempt of replicating the Snakeman Tunglashor that Hordak's science team made. His appearance being different comes from the Horde Scientists trying to splice some Human DNA to fill in the gaps from the decaying DNA from Tunglashor himself.

Like I said before, even if you aren't into the Filmation Figures, you NEED to get her. to replace Dem Wings Sorceress. I wonder how her wings will work. I'm guessing 2 sets of wings: Opened and close, like Mumm-Ra's Cape. Also she's detailed enough to pass off for Classics Sorceress.

He's one of Skeletor's Core Team... I KINDA NEED HIM, seeing that I also got Tri-Klops, Evil Lyn, Skeletor and Beastman... Still Missing Trap Jaw.

Best Part is that If the Greens Match you could swap this armor and head with MOTUC Merman and have a sorta Classicized Merman (The Gills could be an issue...) but this guy could also be a merminion.

Man-e-Faces: (Updated once we get pics)

Ah, Good ol' Man-e-Faces... Wait Theoretically speaking, his legs and Loincloth COULD BE REUSED FOR SONGSTER...

But back to Man-e-Feces, who is the first Non-He-Man, Teela or MAA Heroic Warrior to join the fray... OK , there's Sorceress, but she's always stuck at Grayskull, or in this case Mint on Card. The one thing that, theoretically, worries me is his action feature, since the Filmation version lacks the knob... We shall see once pics begin to surface.

Final Thoughts:
Super7 Knocked it out of the park... On Collector's Choice pretty much ALL THE FIGURES have TONS of NEW TOOLING... Without being backed by a $7Billion Toy Company. Mattel Couldn't even DO Dylamug and they're the $7 Billion dollar Company. Super7 a tiny company specialized on overpriced Hipster Crap that gives Toy collectors a bad name and I have to question who is their target audience, is making the MOTUC Figures people BEGGED Neitlich and Mattel for years.
"Oh no, we can't do Dylamug because of tooling budget would make him cost $50, but we can do the Nepthu who NO ONE EXCEPT ME Wanted!!" Super7 does what Mattel don't.

While there's some moderate Reuse on Filmation, the characters ARE HIGHLY REQUESTED and some people may double dip on Sorceress to replace DEM WINGS...

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