Jul 1, 2017

Amy Pascal is the gift that keeps on giving

Amy Pascal is an idiot. I've said it before and I'll say it again... She's a bloody idiot!! Yes, I went British for that...
Well, If you thought that Carnage being the main villain in the very first Venom movie was stupid, well, Amy Pascal said: Hold my Beer and watch this!

This is turning Venom into deadpool...

You can't have a dark, gritty violent Venom

and a jokey venom...

at the same time. Then again, a Jokey Venom seems kinda wrong. As much as I love that SURF THE WEB! SURF THE WEB! clip, because of how stupid it is, that's not Venom.
I'm not saying that there cannot be humor in a Venom movie, but COMEDY should NOT be the main focus of the movie, ESPECIALLY since going for a Hard R-Rating... Much less if you're starting with Carnage (which is a horrible mistake)

Honestly, SONY should wait a bit for Venom, especially if the rumors about MCU Phase 4 and Spidey are true. Also, if Sony and the Mouse can make a Spider-Man vs The Sinister Six movie, it would be EPIC!!

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