Jul 24, 2017

Post SDCC MOTUC Wishlist

Usually after Every SDCC or NYCC or Power Con or whenever some new MOTUC is revealed, I go for a list of wanted figures and such... Since we have seen the figures (Minus Man-e-Faces for Filmation and Granita for MOTUC)  As with the Super7 Format I'll use 8 figures in batches of 4, no beasts, playsets, etc. Power-Con are a wild card since that's pretty much what the.org chooses. (and those will most likely be Serpent Troopers, White Ninja, Bounty Hunter Tri-Klops with 2 more mini comic variants, or the Masks of Power Demons)

I'll make 2 lists of characters: What I REALLY Want and what could be called "educated guesses".

First we know the 2 good 2 evil rule is not set in stone (Wrap Trap, Karg, Dylamug being evil and Granita being the sole heroic warrior)
Then there's the 2019 Movie Release Rumor, which could mean that Super7's contract with Mattel may end in Dec. 31st, 2018 and the rights return home so Mattel can do movie toys and MOTUC dies.

What I want to see:

Normally, I choose Kayo as my NA go-to figure, just to flip off Neitlich, whose hatred of Kayo is 25% of his hatred of me. But, Kayo can be easily customized, whereas Artilla is a lot harder to make.
He'd require a LOT of new tooling which for a beginner in the realm of customs is VERY hard. It also fills in a Galactic Guardian.

Seeing as he had 2 Appearances in Filmation and one of them was in the popular episode: The Witch and the Warrior. Also, he has a rather unique body shape... Which could lend itself for other custom characters if the body type becomes more available.

Female Gar, Check! F-U to Neitlich, Check! Need someone in my shelf killing Spector... Check!

He was in the MOTUC Mini Comic The Origin of Skeletor. Now with Filmation He-Man, Eldor, Masque and Bow we have most of the parts to make him. Not to mention that I've been campaigning for him for years!

You all know how much I hate him. Buut I need some symmetry in my collection. Since Neitlich pushed Dare on us I NEED a Skeleteen for Balance.

Another Space Mutant, I know 2 NA in one year, but Staghorn could be made using a chubby WWE buck, Butthead, could theoretically be made with Parts Reuse, as well as Lizor. Hoove is the only one that requires some heavy tooling or some advanced customizing skills.

-King Miro (200X Armored Look):
Due to his appearance in a Mini Comic and that I have a Custom Filmation Miro, I think that a 200X Version would be more toyetic.

I also have been campaigning heavily for Melaktha. I always sneak him into these posts cause, screw you I want Melaktha.

What I'd Expect them to do: (Without going through the character guide to look for hints of possible spoilers... like Karg, Granita, and Wrap Trap.)

-Lady Slither:
She appears on a Recent Mini Comic and since she's a Snake Woman, she HAS some popularity.

He's like very easy to make, but has some popularity that I don't get. He's a space mutant, which makes me happy to have some NA Representation.

-King Miro: (Any Look)
Completes the Royal Family and fans have been asking for him for years.

Fans have been asking for her for years. She "won second place" against Geldor. Rumor has it she won, but Mattel legal wasn't sure if they owned the character and chose Eldor instead. Neitlich used to taunt Illumina fans with the "Louder then Numerous" remarks. (Type-O on purpose)

Cat lady seems pretty popular among fans for some reason... It also gives us a second Cat Person next to Chief Carnivus.

-Great Black Wizard:
Another Skull-Faced Monster who has a story peppered across Eternia's past and present.

-General Tataran:
He's literally a new head and armor, though I would prefer a slightly wider torso similar to Leech's. Also he's pretty popular among fans.

-Hans Hammer Holder:
The "Left Field choice", also reuses a ton of Ram Man Parts with his new pieces being a Shoulder Overlay, Loincloth and Head. He's very popular with fans, but not among the top choices from the fan poll I took these guys.

There you have it folks! The possibilities are not endless, but I'm guessing that at least 2 of those lists will make it into the 2018 line-up.

I'll be honest here. I just want Adam ( w/Cringer), Stratos (w/Orko), and maybe Ram Man to complete the Core CORE CORE roster. Since I already have Skeletor Beastman, Evil Lyn and Ordered Tri-Klops, Teela, and MAA. Still thinking if I'll order the second wave or just buy sorceress and Merman from a reseller... Not too keen on MEF... But let's see if I can get a list of 8 characters that I'd love to get.

Prince Adam: He's totally a new Tunic, which allows for a Cringer to be made.
If he were to have fur detail like the MOTUC One, I wouldn't complain about that. I'd wish he had articulation, but if we can only get a statue, then look at your left to see the pose we need him in. Cringer cringing in fear makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

Stratos: He's literally a new head, wings and armor. Have him come with a repainted Orko and call it a day.

While he has only 4 appearances, Fisto's Forest is a well known episode and like Man-e-Faces, before him, Fisto is a reformed bad guy.

rough drawing of the idea
Has 12 appearances, much more than Other Evil Warriors.

Ram Man:
He's the corest of core Heroic Warriors that is NOT Stratos. Since he has multiple appearances, that warrants a figure with interchangeable legs. A set of Articulated legs like MOTUC Ram Man in Filmation size and a second unarticulated set as if he was readying a jump.

Webstor and Kobra Khan:
They are a Filmation Tag Team and that's why I want them.

Has had 3 appearances, but he's rather easy to make and can compensate for some of the tooling on Ram Man.

What I'd Expect:

Rattlor: Seeing that we're getting Tung Lashor, having his partner in crime kinda makes sense.

Stratos: He's literally a new head, wings and armor. Being one of more used Heroic Warriors makes him a bit of a necessity to have.

Count Marzo: He's been VERY Requested and since we have a proper 200X Marzo in Classics, this is the only place we can get a Filmation Marzo.

Mantenna: Radically different from his Toy Counterpart, the Filmation Mantenna is a bit cutesy. We have Hordak coming, why not his favorite Butt-Monkey.

We're getting a Filmation Hordak and you don't expect She-Ra to show up at any moment? We could get her with the paler skin that she should have for cartoon accuracy a new Bodice and Tunic more cartoon accurate in colors and maybe they could implement a skirt for her similar to that of the figuarts figures.

While he doesn't have too many appearances, he HAS a rivalry with Count Marzo, which makes him worthy for this list.

Has 12 appearances, much more than Other Evil Warriors.

Ram Man:
He's the corest of core Heroic Warriors that is NOT Stratos. Since he has multiple appearances, that makes him a MUST HAVE.

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