Apr 14, 2017

It came From the Toy Chest: Uncute Tomboy who Can't Cook Edition

Just don't tell her I said those things, Otherwise I might need to use the Ultimate Saotome Style Technique. So, Akane Tendo... How can I describe her?
I already said she's unfeminine and can't cook to save her life... Speaking of saving her life she is kidnapped almost as much as Peach...
Also, she is FREAKING DUMB... I Mean Beavis and Butt-Head are rocket scientists next to her kind of dumb.

She never figures out the truth about mah boi Ryoga... Not even after the Mark of the Gods she figured out that Ryoga and P-Chan are one and the same... Violent!! She's VERY VIOLENT!!

She's also Ranma's True Love despite all her flaws... Then again, Ranma him/herself is a massive douchebag.

I'm surprised with this figure. Her Long Skirt doesn't hinder her articulation that much. That is because the skirt is made of soft plastic and it's not one piece but two that overlap at the sides, which allows for a wider range of motion without having to split the skirt. It's an ingenious trick to keep articulation AND preserve the sculpt. I wonder if this was what the Four Horsemen Intended to do for the skirts on MOTUC before Mattel design went ass backwards on it.

Paint and sculpt:
If it looks like Akane, then it must be Akane... She appears in her Furinkan High Uniform... The Paint is flawless. If there is one tiny nitpick is that my Akane might be lacking one piece... specifically on the groin area, and yes, it involves her Panties, Happosai-sensei.
She HAS her panties, but I think they weren't glued in place and they are floating on her crotch. When they move, you can see how her crotch is engineered... IT's creepy.
5.0 I know what you're asking: If this is a "flaw" why is Akane getting a perfect score here? First it's in a part that's not supposed to be visible normally. Second, it was an easy fix. I just glued the panties to her lower torso (which isn't an Articulation point... I quadruple checked.) Now she looks normal. But yeah, check the crotches in your Akanes... (I also could be wrong, btw) (This would have made it a 4.8, but since the 5 points system only allows me to dock either whole points or half points, removing half a point for this is overkill)

-8 extra arms
-4 extra faces

Akane has a TON of stuff and most of it suits her School look... BUUUUT I'm gonna say this and it may be an unpopular opinion... I wish she had gotten a second head and hairpiece from the earliest episodes... you know with the longer hair. That way with the Ryoga that is coming in Q3 (pre-ordered mine) could recreate that infamous scene where Ryoga and Ranma cause her to lose her long hair.

Akane gets a 5.0 as her final score, or a 4.80 if I dock 20% of one point at the end for the panties issue. Also, being in her high school uniform makes her seem a bit TOO Plain, or too normal for the bunch of weirdos that the Series has. I GET why they did it and I DO LIKE it, but the Gi would have allowed for a bit more poseability options... Other than having All the Ranmas, Shampoo, Akane, and Ryoga released in the nude, the selections are OK... Before anyone complains about the nudity, ALL THOSE characters I've mentioned have had various scenes involving nudity. Now to wait for Ryoga...
The Rose comes from another SH Figuarts...

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