Apr 10, 2017

Gamestop HAD MOTUC for sale...

Yesterday I was visiting My Late Grandparents at the Cemetery, so I missed up on this juicy sale...
Gamestop... The same Gamestop that abandoned Puerto Rico became the Home of MOTUC and Thundercats Classics yesterday.

Selling them Through Gamestop? Why not use your very own MATTEL SHOP TO SELL THESE? I recall buying a spare Huntara from the Mattel Shop. It was weird because they had the mailman come on a SUNDAY to deliver the package.

I would understand if Mattel didn't had an online outlet after" according to a person whose skin may be thinner than the 45th President of the US*" that I "destroyed", but they have a MAIN Website.
Hell, they even have an EBAY Storefront...

But in any case they came and went... I hope that those who wanted a Filmation He-Man were able to get one.

Note:*= The Reactions of Pres. Trump towards SNL's parodies of him show that he's very thin skinned. This statement is based on his reactions towards the parodies and not on his policies or Political affiliation.

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