Apr 2, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: Really, Mattel?

This is the biggest dick move I've ever seen Mattel Pull off...
An ELITE WWE FIGURE OF a Weight bar with weights and a piece of a diorama! Was it too expensive to add a wrestler to this pack, like say: Roman Reigns, HHH, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho... ANYONE, really!

I haven't seen a dick move like this, ever since Paulie's Meat from Rocky got an action figure by Jakks many moons ago.

I'm gonna be using Ranma-kun to display the accessories since I CAN'T SEE any figure on this package.

It's a bit too hard to rate this since it's a piece of cardboard + 2 plastic pieces and a set of weights... Not 12 individual weights that you could customize the bar, but 2 sets of 6 75 pound weights... Holy crap! Ranma's lifting 900 pounds!

Let's pretend this set has a figure for the sake of doing a somewhat normal review... cause it came packaged as a figure and not an accessory pack.
Since it was an Elite Packaging, if it had a figure, the articulation would rival that of Elite Figures, like say my HHH (need to get one with long hair), or The Hulkster!
I think you'd be able to pull off most moves unless the figure comes with an open hand and a closed fist. Like you could kinda do Throw type finishers or silly Masturbation pun finishers. well, if we HAD A FIGURE... So, I'd probably say a 5.0 in articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
Here it would be a mixed bag... The sculpt would look a lot like the wrestler from SOME Angles... from others, not so much... Spike... I said Angle... This is the part where you add Kurt Angle's theme... Cause you know, the rumor about him returning to the WWE after today... You suck... you suck! You suck! You suuuuuuuuuck! Mattel would be lazy and paint the armbands. I'd expect a bit of slop on it and if it has tampos, I'd pray for them not to be messed up. 4.5

I already mentioned them... I'd probably add some removable items of clothing, like HHH, or Hulkster had... but then again, Hulkster was a Defining Moments figure, so he's more Elite...
3.0 here... The build a diorama thing feels cheap as heck.

This pack gets a 4.17 as its final score. I think that the spotlight on the diorama kinda hurts the potential figure... No wonder they released it without one. It would've been nice to have gotten a shirt

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