Apr 8, 2017

It Came from the Toy chest: Stop calling me, Zordon!!

The hint in the title is kinda obvious... Stop Calling Me, Zordon... Think McFly!
OK just look at the Pic of the Communicator and figure out WHAT I'm going to review...

This one will be a bit short. You can wear it and it doesn't work as a watch,so don't wear it outside... You'll look like a dork, especially if someone asks for the time.
It has lights and sounds... Most of them is the Go Go Power Rangers beep, Zordon nagging, and the teleport sounds. If you hold the sound buttons it sings part of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme.

The Default Mode it comes as is Red, but you can change the Red elements into your favorite flavor of Ranger.

I chose Blue, due to that being the Ranger I usually ended up being stuck as.

Black is not shown here, not out of racism, but since I lost some of the pics from my vacation, I had to take the rest back home and my dark desk doesn't help the Black bands... It's not that I'm looking for a black person to wear it as Zack... and no I'm not looking for an Asian Girl to take pics of it in Yellow Mode either...

Then there's the Power Coins... Yeah, I'm doing a 2 for 1... I mean there's not much to say about the Power Coins... In theory they work with the Morphers (Standard or JDF version... But I think the Standard Morpher already comes with these coins...)

I can't say much about the coins, since they're COINS... If I had a JDF Morpher, then I could open them and tinker with them.

It's really cool that Bandai made this, specifically with Mighty Morphin, since most of the Nostalgia afflicted would be adults with disposable income... I regret not getting the Dragon Dagger a few years ago.

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