Apr 24, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ultimate Spider-Pretender

Spider-man = Peter Parker... No ifs, or buts allowed... Well, except Ben Reilly or Kaine, who are Literally Peter Parker... But Marvel tried to shove Miles Morales down our throats... Hell, they Killed the Ultimate Peter Parker to make him Spidey.
I like Miles as a character and don't mind him as another arachnid theme hero. I did HATE/LOATHED/DESPISED the fact that they killed a Peter Parker to make him Spidey. I HATE/LOATHE/DESPISE that Peter Parker is basically Tony Stark II with a Spidey Fetish while Miles is now playing True Spidey. To me the pushing of Miles reeks of Political Correctness. On the other hand, he's a likable character... Still, if you give me the choice between Miles or Peter, Peter will always win... Hell, Mayday or Ben will win over Miles... Miguel O'Hara might lose to Miles.

So, now that I kinda explained Miles in a non-explanation, let's do the review.

He has the same Articulation as Ben, or Miguel, but his thighs are almost as limited in articulation as May. I tried the main poses: Hanging, Crouching, MVC standing pose and he can pull them off. Sadly he has no way of holding any web while in hanging mode. Gripping Hands are necessary, Hasbro.

Paint and Sculpt:
Sadly, there's a bit of slop on some of the hands, due to the weblines. Not to mention that some of the red tampos are a bit fuzzy on his torso. The sculpt is the naked teen buck with a spidey head and hands. The unmasked head looks nice and he looks a bit like a younger Donald Glover.

Space Venom BAF Arm
4 Extra hands
1 Extra head


Miles gets a 3.83 as his final score. The limitations on his articulation and the paint issues hurt him a bit more in the long run. The Teen buck is nice and Space Venom looks incredibly detailed for a Hasbro figure... But to be honest I like My Venoms Toothy, sometimes tonguey... Brain Hungering Evil Anti-Spidey more than Space GI Joes...

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