Apr 30, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Ukog, the Toy

But not Justin Chatwin Ukog... I mean Bootleg Figuarts Goku.

Who is Goku, you ask? Well...

This is pretty much "Bootleg Goku" in a nutshell... It's like Normal Goku but hilariously bad.
Still it sucks that I fell for the bootleg Goku... If the box lacks a Toei Sticker DO NOT BUY!!
but let's get to the review:

First of all he's got a decent range of articulation that is useless since he flops around more than a Magikarp.

His leg articulation is awfully limited. Not sure if this applies to the real one as well, but on this bootleg it sucks ASS. The Shoulders are a pain in the ass to get in position. The hands are floppy as heck.


Paint and Sculpt:
Since this is a bootleg, the paintwork is ASS!! Not noticeable until taken outside the box. The sculpt is pretty decent, but the paint hurts it bad.

Kamehameha Ki Ball with energy pieces that you are supposed to attach to it... Newsflash, they don't fit properly, because bootleg!
9 extra hands
4 extra faceplates.
As much as I hate this, it deserves a 5.0 due to the sheer amount of stuff he has.

Ukog gets a 3.0 as his final score. The only saving grace are the accessories... and I'm not even sure if you CAN use them on a legit Goku figure. Avoid like the plague...

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