Apr 3, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Look Ma! I'm Austin St. John

Or I'm as fat as he is now... cue the complaints of body shaming from social justice oriented folks.
Get over it, Austin St. John got fat. I'm fat too! Now I can say I have a Red Ranger physique. It was a joke... Not that I'd expect SocJus folks to understand... but back to the Helmet.

This is a Toy/collectible Hybrid from Bandai... Think along the lines of Neitlich's piss poor excuse of a hoverboard, but done a bit better.

You CAN GET BETTER QUALITY CUSTOM PROPS, but, they might be a bit too expensive for most folks. With that said, the helmet is not bad, but it's obvious that this is a mass produced TOY and not really a prop memorabilia piece. They are labeling it as one, but it feels very toy-like once you have it in-hand...

So, as you can see, it looks cool from the outside, but the inside looks a bit cheap compared to a custom one of a kind prop. Think of a more expensive Darth Vader Voice Changing Helmet from Hasbro minus the Electronics... Something like that.

It fits my head, which is an accomplishment on itself.

The helmet comes with a stand and a hairnet for folks with longer hair. which comes in handy since I'm sporting long Silver Hair... Not Hot Topic Raiding, Big Sword, Tiny dick Mama's boy long, but it's a bit long...  Think something along the lines of a Silver haired Guy Fieri... or a Fat Kakashi... But Back to the helmet. It fits my big ass head and the excess hair.

I have to admit that I like it... I would've preferred Green or White better, but the helmet is cool for a mass produced mildly overpriced toy. If you're a hardcore Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan then, you NEED This.

I mean SUPER HARDCORE... as to get this for yourself, or to appreciate it as a present from your dear brother.
I kinda understand why we'll never get a full team with the $100 tag on it...

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