Apr 9, 2017

It Came from Kmart... I mean the Toy Chest: Nation of Domination!!

Before it reached the toy chest, it came out of KMart, seeing that this 2 pack is a KMart Exclusive.
(The Sears Holdings Corporation is not paying me to promote this set... Cause Ethics in Journalism.)

What is the Nation of Domination? A stable that wouldn't see the light of day on the PG-Era...
Think Nation of Islam + Black Panthers + Attitude Era Heels... Cause you know Vince doesn't have one racist bone in his body... but most of this list is from Vinnie Mac's company...
Including Los Boricuas... Where's the Mattel Savio Vega figure?
Buut, the reason I got this set, aside it being on clearance and me having enough Shop your Way Rewards Points for it to cost me $15 was...

The Rock... Attitude Era to be precise... I don't want a Baldy Fast and Furious Dwayne Johnson. Yes, I'm aware that Bandai has released a far much better Rock... (and Stone Cold... who can flip the bird... Don't get me started on the upcoming HHH). Since The Great One was the main reason I bought this set, it would be appropriate to start with him.

I am disappointed that The Rock cannot pull off The People's Elbow. He can Kinda pull off a Rock Bottom, but the stupid Fist hand gets in the way. He has virtually the same Articulation as the other WWE figures, but his inability to pull off his TRADEMARK FINISHER forces me to dock half a point from his score.

Paint and sculpt:
The toy does a decent job of capturing the essence of a Nation of Domination Rocky Mavia... Need to specify this since he isn't Full Rock yet. The Bandai Figure catches a more The Rock, uh, The Rock.

Removable Elbow pads... Can't do the People's Elbow with both pads on, amirite? (Sadly, the figuarts Rock has non-removable elbow pads... guess this is a win for Mattel here.)
Removable Knee pads
IC Belt.
The Rock gets a 4.17 as his final score. It's a decent score, but he kinda needed the additional bicep hinge that some Marvel Legends figures have in order to truly pull off a People's Elbow.

Now it's Farooq's Turn. I need to mention that I am NOT that familiar with NOD era Farooq. (This section of the Attitude Era was during the time I wasn't THAT into wrestling.) I got back around the 00s, when Farooq was part of the APA with JBL, before he became the Wall Street Wrestler...

Farooq has the exact same articulation as other Elite Figures. I can kinda pull off a Dominator, but his range is a tad limited, compared to Figuarts.

Paint and Sculpt:

The sculpt kinda captures the look in a mildly stylized look to him. He kinda looks like him, but something is slightly off. The paintjob on his outfit captures the NOD Look quite well.

Here's where Mattel cheaped out: a Hat and a scarf. Since he's part of a two pack, someone had to suffer, right?

Farooq gets a 3.67 as his score. This makes him the weakest element of the Two-Pack... which I'm surprised it even exists due to the PG-Era and Mattel trying to be super squeaky clean.

Two-Pack's Final Score:
The 2 Pack gets a 3.92 out of 5.0, but it could've used a little more "oomph!"

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