Apr 5, 2017

It came from the toy chest: Hee-Hee! Shamone! Owww! Who's bad?

 Do I need to say WHICH TOY I'M GOING TO REVIEW? Hit it, Spike!

No, there will be no Children Jokes here... That's the lowest Hanging fruit in MJ Jokes... Now unto the review...
The box is a bit peculiar compared to other figuarts figures. The back of the box is where the displayed figure is at. The front has a sparkly Michael Jackson art.
It's rather odd that I've paid attention to the box... Let's crack him open and see what we've got with the King of Pop!

Can he Moonwalk? Yes. Can he grab his crotch? Yes! Can he recreate poses from Smooth Criminal and Moonwalker the game? YES!! But he needs a stand for some and he doesn't come with a clear stand to hold him. I borrowed Ranma's. His tie AND Ponytail have articulation. Not to mention that his body has the same level of articulation as a normal Figuarts figure.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt looks a lot like Michael but it's not 100% accurate. Probably because this figure was made long after Michael had passed and they couldn't scan his face for more accuracy. I mean, it's easily identifiable as Michael Jackson, but there is something slightly off.
Paintwise, this figure is mostly molded in the appropriate colors. The painted parts have no bleed or slop.
I compared this MJ to the Figma Thriller MJ and the sculpt on this one seems more accurate to Michael in Smooth Criminal than Figma's Thriller MJ compared to Michael in Thriller.

1 Extra head
2 Extra Feet
1 Extra Torso
7 Extra hands
Removable Hat
1 Shadow Stand

Michael Comes with a TON of stuff. Some are specific items to recreate some poses, like the leaning feet and shadow stand or the flared up jacket with his arms up torso. since he's based on the video I'm surprised he didn't come with the Tommy gun or the revolver. Personally, I would have liked to see the Sparkles from the game...

Overall:There's no reason to deny Michael from the 5.0 he deserves. He's a superb figure and an oddity to have in one's collection... I mean, I get having He-Man, Voltron, Optimus Prime, but a Super Articulated Michael Jackson seems so off the wall (Michael Jackson Reference not intended)

Picture to show scale... He is closer to Marvel Legends in scale

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