Apr 3, 2017

Super7 posted an update:

We just got a video on Super7's Facebook Page, where Mr. Flynn basically tells us some news...

Some Good, some Bad, and some Ugly. Apparently part of the delay on the ultimates is due to the Chinese Factories destroyed/lost some of the tooling molds... (Due to usage throughout the years, incompetence, Scott's revenge... It's a secret to everybody) So they had to redo some molds. THEY LOST THE HAVOC STAFF!!

They explain why the Filmation and Classics Wave 1 haven't had their subs open, because those were like mega early protos and they're dealing with the costs with the factory and stuff...

Power Con is in September and the Figures will be available to preorder via Power Con this Week IIRC Saturday. (that was posted by Val Staples a while back)

The rest of the video is stuff I don't care about, like the 3.75" Re-Action stuff, MOTUSCLE... The Faux Vintage Filmation figures, but one last tidbit was given. Priority One is MOTUC stuff.

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